Why Avoid Buying Meat from A Local Vendor Or Butcher?

Buying Meat online has becomethe latest trend in Indian market nowadays. Fresh cut chicken andfresh cut mutton are packed and delivered to you at your doorstep byonline meat shops with great care and cleanliness. Of course, one ofthe major advantages of ordering meat online and not opting out forlocal meat vendors and butchers is the presentation and hygiene partbut the following are a few of them which have a great impact on thecustomers

1) The Hygiene:
People consider Hygiene very important, especially when it comes to buying meat. Meat must be cut and cleaned with utmost care. If not done in a proper way the meat so given to the customers may result in sickness amongst the family members who consume it.
Local Butchers and vendors at times do not use proper gloves and knives to cut the meat. The worst part is the packing as the chicken or mutton which is cut is distributed in polythene bags attracting flies and dust.
Meatcart provides excellent quality packaging and before that, it offers quality and clean and neat chopping process ensuring you get the freshest and cleanest meat in town. There is no better substitute than Meatcart for fresh chicken home delivery in Pune or Fresh cut mutton delivery in Pune.

2) Convenience:
One of the major reasons why online e-commerce stores have earned billions is because people prefer sheer convenience over getting out in the market and buying things which consume both excessive time and energy. Buying meat from the local meat vendors requires a person to travel all the way to the local market or perhaps find a local butcher to do it and after that, you need to wait at times in a lane to get the meat you and your family members are cravings for. Ordering fresh meat from online shops like meat cart ensures great convenience and no delivery charges too. All one needs to do is open the app on your smartphones and place the order and fresh meat would be on its way in no time.

3) Prices:
Local chicken or local mutton vendor may give you a discount if you are his regular customer. If not, then be prepared to shell out a few more bucks than usual. Local butchers and vendors are known to butcher their way into client’s pockets. This type of discrimination and influence related discounts have nothing to do with online meat sellers especially Meatcart. Meat shops online provide the same discount to everyone and even at a lesser price than the local meat shops. Online meat shops like Meatcart provide quality raw meat at a lesser price from time to time to their customers and even when the cart is not on discount.

4) Options Available:

Who doesn’t like options? People, especially nonveg lovers like specific meat parts and the form in which they come on their plates only like chicken leg piece, mutton/chicken keema etc. The butcher in your locality would often give reasons to you when you ask for a specific type of meat. Ignoring and often asking you to adjust with something else they somehow convince you to buy the things they are left within their shop in order to make a full sale. This adds to waste of money and tasteless food ruining booth your mood and bank balance in the process. Online meat stores only show you the things that are available and are committed to giving you the chicken or mutton type you have selected without extra costs.

There are many such pointers which work in favor of buying meat online. This is some of the reasons to avoid buying meat from local vendors and butchers. Food lovers, chefs and especially mothers are perhaps the only people who know the value of fresh cut chicken and fresh cut mutton as it not only adds to the taste of the meal but also adds to the health of the person, they are feeding it to.
So, ready to order meat and get it delivered right to your doorstep? Meatcart will deliver to you fresh halal cut chicken and mutton in areas near Dhanori, Lohegaon, Viman Nagar, Kalyani Nagar, Vishrantwadi, TingreNagar, Dighi, Kalwad, and Khesepark. All you must do is order and we will take care of the rest.

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