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Description. Team Wendy's EPIC™ (Enhanced Protection, Individual Comfort) Combat Helmet Liner System consists of a one-piece protective impact liner that ranges from 3/8" to 1/2" thickness (back is thicker than front) and 22 adjustable comfort pads provided in four shapes (oblong, trapezoid, tapered trapezoid, and triangle) and two thicknesses (3/16-inch "thin" and 3/8-inch "thick").

Advanced Combat Helmet ( ACH )

The Advanced Combat Helmet, or ACH, has replaced the old Kevlar helmet. The ACH is 3.5 lbs lighter then the old model and is cushioned on the inside, which sits more comfortably on a Soldiers head.

Ballistic Armor Gen 2 Advanced Combat Helmet

BALLISTIC ARMOR GEN 2 ADVANCED COMBAT HELMET Battle-tested and built to handle the force of .44 magnum, .357 SIG, and 9mm rounds with full protection. The Ballistic Armor Gen 2 Combat Helmet is a superior lightweight option that won't weigh you down in the middle of combat. A beyond comfortable memory foam padding interior keeps your head protected from heavy impact. Optimizing …

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So CGF is the company whose helmet design was chosen by SOCOM to become the next generation helmet after the PASGT and which eventually became the ACH. I recently received a MSA made ACH with a DOM of 08/2005. It came with a full set of MSA pads. I …

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Ballistic ACH Helmet 7 Pads system ACH3A-RM $299.00 now $249.00 / piece 17% OFF ACH-RM2-VN3A Ballistic ACH Helmet with Visor and Neck Protector $589.00 now $489.00 / piece

EPIC® Combat Helmet Liner System | Team Wendy

Team Wendy's EPIC® (Enhanced Protection, Individual Comfort) Combat Helmet Liner System consists of a one-piece protective impact liner that ranges from 3/8" to 1/2" thickness (back is thicker than front). It includes 22 adjustable comfort pads in four shapes (oblong, trapezoid, tapered trapezoid and triangle) and two thicknesses (3/16-inch ...

Comfort Plus Military Helmet Pads - Fast, MICH, ACH, ECH | HHV

The pads are then covered in moisture wicking fabric. Want to know the best part? HHV helmet pads fit FAST, MICH, and ACH or ECH helmets. Blunt Impact Uni-Axial Tests with ATE® Ballistic Helmet AR/PD 10-02 dictates a Maximum Peak G of 150 G. HHV Comfort PLUS™ Helmet Pads…

Seven Pad Helmet Set Black Army Navy Sales

Pad Features: Fits Most ACH, MICH and 7 or 9 Helmet Pad Configurations. Superior Impact Absorption Across a Wide Range of Temperatures. Moisture-Wicking Fabric. Easy to Wash and Quick Drying. 1" Pad Set Includes 7 Helmet Pads. Pad Measurments: 1 - 1"- 4-1/2" Crown Pad. 2 - 1"- 3-1/2" x 3" Front and Back Pads.

4D Tactical Zero G Standard Retrofit Combat Liner ...

The Ops-Core version of the 4D Combat Liner is designed for use with Ops-Core helmets using the Ops-Core OCC Dial Fit-Band Suspension system in conjunction with the EPP brow pad and comes with a 1/2″ brow pad and nape pad. Ops-Core helmets with the Vented Lux Liner can use either pad set depending on desired thickness of brow pad. The ACH/ECH ...

Combat Helmet Liner Systems | Team Wendy

Team Wendy helmet pad systems will improve the comfort, fit and stability of your combat helmet, and are designed for use with most commonly available ballistic and tactical helmets. All Team Wendy helmet liners meet and exceed ACH blunt impact requirements.


COMFORT PLUS MILITARY HELMET PADS (FOR FAST, MICH, ACH,ECH) $39.99. $99.99 Replacement Accessory Rails $40.00. The MICH-style ballistic helmet Replacement Suspension Kit $60.00. The FAST-style ballistic helmet Replacement Pad Kit $58.00. The MICH-style helmet & team wendy helmet Comfort Pad Upgrade Kit $90.00 ...

US Army Helmet NAPE Pad, Multicam [Genuine Army Issue]

The nap pad has a kevlar insert that gives the wearer an additional spot of protection to the back of their head. The pad is mounted to the existing helmet strap and worn in place of the back strap included on the helmet strap. Features: Compatible with the ACH Helmet – This is compatible with the Military Issue Advanced Combat Helmet (ACH).

MSA's ACH Advanced Combat Helmet and MICH™ …

1-888-MSA-0018. Ordering Information ACH MSA Advanced Weight Pad Size Head Size Head Size MSA Part MSA Part Combat Helmet Gms (lbs) (ISO) (U.S.) Number Number Shell Size Black Green Medium 1400 (3.0) No. 8 52 - 56 6 1/2 - 7 10060496 10060499 Medium 1400 (3.0) No. 6 56 - 58 7 – 7 1/4 10060484 10060487

Oregon Aero - Ballistic Helmet Upgrades Ordering

Replacement pads and chin strap/harness can be ordered separately. Available in Coyote Brown, Black, or Green. Note: 98% of our MICH, ACH, CVC and other non-PASGT customers use the 3/4" thick crown pad and 3/4" thick oval and trapezoid pads. If you think you need 1/2" thick pads for your helmet, call Oregon Aero at 800-888-6910 for further ...

Pad sizes for MICH/ACH helmets?? - AR15.COM

The pads your looking for a the size #4 - 1/2" pads, Sometimes there are some on E-Bay, US Cavalry store has them, Team Wendy 1/2" pads $59.99, you also may want to look at the Team Wendy Epic Helmet pad system. Just a note, The team Wendy #4 pad system comes with a 3/4" crown pad, all other pads are 1/2".

Flex Form ACH Helmet Suspension Pads [Genuine Army Issue]

Description. These are Flex Form ACH/MICH helmet pads from Hight Impact Technology. These one-size-fit-all helmets pads are a great upgrade to issued helmets, such as the ACH, ECH, PASGT, MICH or any other military style helmet pad with hook and loop discs. The hook and loop discs are the how the pads are meant to be secured to the helmet.

Combat Helmets - Bullet Proof ME

ACH / MICH Cut. 0.5" or 0.75" or 1.0" thick pads of engineered impact protection to cushion your skull from impact. Many other helmets look the same on the outside, but have the older generation nylon / leather / open cell foam interior suspension - NOT up to modern standards. If it says "universal fit", "comfort fit" or "standard fit", or ...

Striker ACH - HighCom Armor

The Striker ACH™ (Advanced Combat Helmet) is our flagship ACH standard cut helmet. The ACH protects from level IIIA threats including frag and has been tested to NIJ Standard 0106.01. Made from Hybridized Kevlar® and UHMWPE Spectra fibers, the ACH comes standard with D30 TRUST Stealth 7 pad system and multiple harness options available.

Helmet Pads | SKYDEX Store

SKYDEX Helmet Pads are compatible with most ballistic helmets. With superior impact absorption across a broad range of temperatures, the SKYDEX Helmet pads are washable and quick drying, and feature RF-welded, rip resistant seams for enhanced durability.

Skydex Pad Set for MICH / ACH (Advanced Combat Helmet ...

Skydex Pad Installation Kit for MICH / ACH (Advanced Combat Helmet), Size 8 (1-Inch Pads), NSN 1-1465 $80.91 Skydex Pad Set for MICH / ACH (Advanced Combat Helmet), Size 6 (3/4 Inch Pads), NSN 0-8235 $61.44

Mich/Ach Helmet Pads - AR15.COM

Mich/Ach Helmet Pads - AR15.COM. Armory » Tactical Gear. [ARCHIVED THREAD] - Mich/Ach Helmet Pads. ARCHIVED. Posted: 5/15/2011 9:14:03 AM EST. I'm looking for a set of 1/2" helmet pads, the couple of vendors I've found want to sell me a complete retrofit system, 1/2" pads with chinstrap and velcro discs, for around $80,

Helmet (2) - Sparks Military

We also have ACH and ECH ME helmets and helmet pads for you. Helmet There are 30 products. View: Grid; List; Sort by. Show . per page. Compare (0) Show all. Previous; 1; 2; Next; Showing 25 - 30 of 30 items. Quick view. 19,90 € Out of stock . Norotos NVG Helmet Adapter Plate in black . US MilitaryNight Vision Adapter Bracket Plate for MICH ...


Description. The USGI MICH/ACH NVG Mount has been the standard issue night vision helmet shroud for US forces since the adoption of the MICH/ACH helmet system. It provides a low profile interface for the standard issue Rhino Mount. The MICH/ACH NVG mount comes with hardware designed to mount the shroud to a single-hole MICH/ACH helmet.

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Package included:1*Helmet cover.(No elastic tape is included) Material:Cotton and polyester blends. Tear resistant and durable. Size: One Size; it has the Hook&Loop straps for the attachment inside, It is for the ACH/MICH helmet; CREDIT GUARANTEE:If our products do not satisfy you, please contact us, we will refund you.

Black Seven Pad and Chinstrap Set for ACH and MITCH Helmets

Pads are compatible with most helmets, including the ACH and MICH helmets suitable for integration into any helmet shell, via 7 or 9 helmet pad configurations. This helmet pad system exceeds the required level of protection for the Advanced Combat Helmet Standard in both Polyethylene and Aramid helmet shells, offering excellent performance ...