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Tactical, Outdoor, Hobby & Self Defence store located in Hartbeespoort and Brits 9mm Blank & Pepper guns/pistols, optics, mounts, rails. Firearm lights and lasers, PCP Rifles & pistols, PCP Pumps, compressors, scuba/dive cylinders, Pcp barrels, pcp bottles. Vortex …

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Get In Touch. 12621 Corporate Lakes Dr. #8 Fort Myers, FL 33913; [email protected]; 239.210.0891; Sign Up For Updates

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Tactical Assault Gear, known throughout the world as TAG, was founded in 2001 in a 1,000 square foot retail shop in Imperial Beach, CA. Today TAG stays true to its founding vision to create and develop cutting edge tactical gear for today's Military and Law Enforcement who are protecting our country.

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BAO Tactical 4100SPS Hard Armor Side Plate, Level IV, SA, Full Cut, Single Curve. $130.50. Add to wishlist. Note: the price above is for one (1) plate only. Model 4100SPS Hard Armor Side Plate, Level IV,... BAO Tactical Phoenix Level IIIA Oversized Cummerbund Insert Set, 5.25" x 14". $112.00. 14x5.25 - …

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The most popular piece of body armor is the ballistic tactical vest. While vests do comprise an important component of body armor, body armor options are certainly not limited to ballistic vests. They include, but are not limited to, helmets, tactical field armor, stab armor, concealable armor, shields and more.

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Personal Protective Gear Categories. Concealable Body Armor. Tactical Body Armor. Armored Hydration Packs and Bug-Out Bags. 80% Lower Receivers. Kydex Holsters. We can't find products matching the selection.

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Tactical body armor carriers can help you conceal and carry your body armor plates effectively. So, if you are looking for concealable body armors on sale, do not look any further. We provide a complete set of body armor gear and accessories in heavy-duty body …

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Tactical Body Armor | Tactical Vests | Military Vests | Bulletproof Vests | Military Tactical Vest Bulletproof Vests for Military & Law Enforcement Professionals. The modern tactical vest is designed to prevent bullets and fragmentation from penetrating the vital areas of the users body.This is typically accomplished by combining a level IIIA outer tactical vest with hard armor plates or ...

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FIRST CLASS ARX TACTICAL BODY ARMOR THREAT LEVEL IIIA (BLACK)- NIJ 06 CERTIFIED. Rating: 0%. As low as $479.99. Add to Cart. First Class Tactical Body Armor Carrier (Black) Rating: 0%. As low as $134.99.

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TacMed™ Responder Armor System - Plate Carrier + Level IIIA Soft Armor $507.00 Tactical Medical Solutions, LLC 1250 Harris Bridge Road Anderson, SC 29621 888.822.6331

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First Class Tactical Body Armor Carrier (Black) Rating: 0%. As low as $134.99. Add to Cart. FIRST CLASS ARX CONCEALABLE BODY ARMOR THREAT LEVEL IIIA (BLACK)- NIJ 06 CERTIFIED. Rating: 0%. As low as $419.99.

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What is body armor? Body armor is protective clothing designed to absorb or deflect physical attacks. While it is primarily associated with armor plates that is used with bulletproof and ballistic vests and plate carriers, it covers a wide range of safety equipment that can cover many different parts of the body for additional protection.You might be surprised at how many bulletproof items now ...

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Popular Tactical Body Armor A commonly chosen armor vest that many police officers wear is the Point Blank Active Shooter Kit with NIJ 06 Level IV plates . This police vest is easily donned over your uniform or off-duty shirt and is designed with a shooter's cut design for an effective shooter's stance.

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Body Armor Vests; one of the most important pieces of equipment you can wear. Check Out Our Selection Of Concealable & Tactical Ballistic Vests. Free shipping over $500!

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Tactical Body Armor. Base Vest Coverage Available Accessory Protection. Base Vest Coverage Available Accessory Protection. Plate Rack + Coverage and Placement. The plate rack is a minimalist carrier designed to carry a front and back rifle plate. The Plate Rack is intended to "plus up" conventional soft armor by being worn over the uniform ...

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The best tactical gear and body armor with the highest quality and affordable prices. Civilian, Law Enforcement and Military gear and accessories. Body armor, police body vest, plate carriers, gloves, apparel, underwear, k-9 gear, dog harnesses and accessories.

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The black, steel-core body armor is rated for protection against rifle calibers up to 7.62X51 M80 Ball (.308) at 2,800 feet per second. AR500 Armor is printed on a white label on the back side of the armor. Only AR500 Level III body armor with the manufacture date code of February 2016 and March 2016 are included in the recall.

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Condor 221124 002 Vanquish Vas Modular MOLLE Side Plate Pouch Pockets Black. $15.95 New. Condor 221127 Vanquish Vas Modular MOLLE Panel Coyote Brown. 5 out of 5 stars. (1) Total Ratings 1, $14.95 New. Condor 171037 Black Tactical MOLLE Modular Drop Leg Low Profile Panel Holster. 4.8 …

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Home Equipment Body Armor ... Shellback Tactical Banshee Ultimate Shoulder Pad (Set of 2) (32) $24.99. TRU-SPEC Nylon / Cotton Ripstop MICH Helmet Cover (8) $16.95. TRU-SPEC Nylon / Cotton Ripstop MICH Helmet Cover (8) $16.95. Condor VAS Side Plate Pouch (2 Pack) (2) $16.95.

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SafeGuard Armor Commander Tactical Body Vest (Stab and Spike Proof Upgradeable) $570.00 $494.99. On Sale. Spartan Armor Systems AR550 Level III+ Body Armor And 221B Tactical Phantom Plate Carrier. From $685.00 $419.99. On Sale. Shellback Tactical Banshee Active …

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Delta Team Tactical offers top rated Ultra High Molecular Polyethylene Ballistic Plates by VISM/NcStar so you get the most coverage and comfort from your armor. Panels can be added to Plate Carriers or to any bag or backpack you own to make them much more protective. These ballistic plates and/or body armor are TSA compliant in carry-on and/or ...

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Galls Tactical Body Armor Carrier. Quickly turn your Galls concealable vest into a tactical model. The Galls Tactical Body Armor Carrier is perfect for detectives, undercover agents and any officers who do not need to constantly wear a body armor vest.This exterior carrier allows the wearer to quickly don and doff their police vest.

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Popular Tactical Body Armor & Plate Carriers. The 5.11 Tactical TacTec Plate Carrier provides comfort and an increased range of motion in a lightweight package. This tactical vest features padded yoke shoulder straps, a laser-cut MOLLE webbing plate and a low-profile, quick grab drag handle. Sized to hold two ballistic plates (8"x10" or 10 ...

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BAO Tactical 1155 Level IV NIJ .06 Hard Armor Plate, Stand Alone, Shooters Cut, Single Curve, 10"x12". $164.65 $135.00. Default Title - $135.00. Add to wishlist. BAO Tactical - Shooters SA IV 10x12 .06 Cert Hard Armor Plate - BAO1155 The BAO Tactical 1155... Condor Sentry Lightweight Plate Carrier, Black - 201042.

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Trust us for all of your body armor needs. We offer concealable armor, tactical armor, ballistic plates, ballistic helmets, ballistic shields, IMPAC Plates and Tactical Carriers.

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Velocity Systems has a wide variety of armor accessories such as tactical body armor, Ballistic shoulder armor, Cummerbund Soft Armor Inserts and many more.

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From body armor plates and armored vehicle protection to its innovative BallisticBoard® material and custom armor solutions, ShotStop Ballistics utilizes its proprietary Duritium® materials and processes to lead the way in improving the protection of our police, military, special forces, S.W.A.T., security personnel, and more.

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Tactical Uniform Style Enhanced Multi-Threat Vest Level IIIA+. $ 689.00 - $ 754.00. $ 620.10 -$ 678.60. Sale. Tactical Uniform Style Multi-Threat Vest Level IIIA. $ 539.00 - $ 604.00. $ 485.10 -$ 543.60. Sale. Tactical Uniform Style FRAS™.

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Get fast, reliable GSA quotes on military clothing, boots, baselayer, tactical and security gear, backpacks and loadout bags & more. Govt RFQs and POs welcome. Military Body …

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Your body armor needs to offer safety and protection to take on a number of obstacles with confidence. At, we make it easy to find an assortment of vital protective gear. Our plate carriers are designed to accept level III and level IV hard armor as well as IIA, IIA and IIIA soft armor. You'll find slick carriers made for ...

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AR500 Armor Level III Lightweight UHMWPE Body Armor 10" x 12" $349.00 Blackhawk S.T.R.I.K.E. Commando Recon Chest Harness $109.99 First Tactical Defender Elbow Pads (1) $22.99