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MICH Ballistic Helmet – Multicam. Reduced trauma protection thanks to Aramid Construction. Rated NIJ IIIA to stop handgun threats up to .44 magnum. Comfortable and adjustable padding system. 4 sizes available: Size S – 2.85 lbs (head 20 – 21.6″) Size M – 2.90 lbs (head 21.7 – 22.4″) Size L – 3.10 lbs (head 22.5 – 23.4″)

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All MLA ballistic helmets incorporate the following features: Protect to NIJIIIA. High fragmentation protection Stanag 2920 17 grain V50 of. over 650m/second. Excellent stability and retention, but only four harness. mounting points. Compatible with most goggles.

MICH High Cut Level IIIa Ballistic Combat Helmet (Black)

High-tenacity ballistic aramid fibre, mixed with a thermoplastic resin. Available in a range of sizes and colours. 7% lighter than PASGT, reduced ear, neck and peak protection. Adjustable internal suspension system. Tested to HOSDB HG2 / NIJ Level IIIa Equivalent. Weight: 1.4kg depending on size.

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All our products are available for sale to customers in every country, however our website is unable to accept orders from non-uk customers. Please contact VestGuard UK by phone +44 (0)1621 816614 or by email [email protected] to purchase products if you are outside of the UK.

Importing a LVL IIIA Ballistic KEVLAR Maritime Helmet to UK

One FMA helmet I saw on the net says its suitable for parachuting and has some ballistic properties, whatever that really means. As the real helmets are made in the USA and ITAR rated I believe, I assume the Chinese ones are just copies. The Border Agency may well intervene if they think the helmet has some potential military application.

Ballistic combat helmets, NIJ IIIA

The Military Advanced Combat Helmet MACH 1 only weighs 1090g in size large, this is a great reduction in overall weight compared to other ballistic combat military helmets at NIJ IIIA protection. Our price: £210.00. See details. Military Advanced Combat Helmet MACH 2. …

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Armasure is simply dedicated to providing the UK with affordable, high quality body armour, bullet proof vests, ballistic insert plates and helmets for all those in the line of fire. We are a leading supplier of personal body armour and have stock of bulletproof jackets, vests, ballistic insert plates and helmets at NIJ IIIA, NIJ III and NIJ IV protection levels.

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Ace Link Armor helmets come on 5 years manufacturers warranty. We guarantee providing ballistic protection of the helmet during that time please however remember that service life of a ballistic helmet is affected by the following factors: 1. Type and grade of ballistic material used in the construction; 2.

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50% OFF Save $180. L110 Level IV 7.62x51mm Rifle Protection Combat II Ballistic Helmet. Sale price. $179.99. Regular price $359.00. 32% OFF Save $60. High Cut Ach Mich Level III Ballistic Helmets. Sale price. $129.00.

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Home - Bullet Proof Helmets USA. America's trusted provider of bulletproof HELMETS & VESTS. In stock & ships FAST from Pennsylvania! We Finance (for free)! Select 'ZIP' at checkout and your order will be broken into 4 INTEREST-FREE payments so you can get your helmet & vest NOW!

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The Gentex Tactical Ballistic Helmet (TBH) System comes preconfigured with the Ops-Core Multi-Hit Handgun Faceshield and easily stows making it ideal for extreme Law Enforcement and Emergency Response situations. The base shell provides head protection against handgun, fragmentation, blunt force trauma, compression, and environmental forces ...

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MICH BALLISTIC® NIJ Level IIIA High Cut Aramid Fiber Tactical Ballistic Helmet - Olive Drab - MICH2001 - BulletproofCenter. Regular price. $499.00 $398.00. Sale. Add to Wishlist Quick Shop Quick View. MICH BALLISTIC® NIJ Level IIIA Mid Cut Aramid Fiber Tactical Ballistic Helmet - Black - MICH2002 - BulletproofCenter. Regular price.

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Ballistic Helmets VestGuard have stepped up to supply a new standard of head protection in a collection of helmet styles including the traditional PASGT, the modern MICH and the agile Special Forces. Each style in our collection is designed to achieve an excellent performance to weight ratio improving wearer comfort and reducing fatigue during ...

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PRODUCT FEATURES. Legacy Safety & Security MICH ballistic helmet is a high performance, multi-layer, light weight combat helmet. Tested and proven to achieve a ranking of Level IIIA by the USA National Institute of Justice (NIJ STD 0106.01 ) by defeating .357 sig full metal jacket flat nose rounds (FMJ FN) and .44 Magnum semi jacketed hollow point (SJHP) rounds at velocities traveling up to ...

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EANSSN Military Helmet, Bulletproof Helmet, 15 Type Bulletproof Helmet Kevlar Bulletproof Helmet for Special Forces, Used for Outdoor Real Characters, Military, Games. £539.13. £539. . 13.

Switchblade International

Switchblade International. M6 - Viper 3 - Helmet, NIJ Level IIIA, 4Pt 7pad RD Harness with side rails. Product details. Team Wendy. EXFIL Balistic Helmet. Product details. Team Wendy. CAM FIT Retention System for USMC LWH or PASGT, Left Eye Dominant - Black, Size M/L. Product details.

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This bulletproof helmet is made of Kevlar aramid from Dupont. A stopped shot will always cause the helmet to be pressed inwards. On standard helmets, the helmet is affected in an area of 130 mm, while MICH 2000 and Protection Group Denmark's other helmets are only affected in an area of 75 mm.

ACH/MICH Ballistic Helmet – United Shield

ACH/MICH Ballistic Helmet. The ACH/MICH Helmet was designed to replace the in service PASGT helmet. The ACH/MICH helmet features a reduced weight, higher cut at the back and sides and removal of the front peak. This new low profile provides excellent compatibility with communications equipment, gas masks and especially helmet mounted night ...

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PASGT, FAST + MICH Ballistic Helmets Bullet Proof To NIJ IIIA Our protective ballistic helmets provide full NIJ IIIA bulletproof protection while maintaining a weight of just 1.45kg to 1.6kg.

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Sale priceUSD $129.00Regular priceUSD $159.00. The MICH HIGH CUT ACH BALLISTIC HELMET offers rifle bullet protection from 7.62 x 51 mm M80 NATO Ball round, V0 at 2200 fps. To add to its high ballistic protection, it provides a V50 for 17-grain FSP ≥ 2200 ft/sec (670 m/sec). Buy 2 save 10%.

MICH helmet | Low cut | rails and mounts | ProtectionGroup

The MICH helmet has been tested for the V50 according to STANAG2920, which is the NATO standard for bulletproof materials. The test shows the helmet's ability to stop fragments and metal splinters / grenade splinters, where the helmet can stop 17 grains at 680 m / sec. A standard helmet affected in a 130mm area around the impact when a ...

VESTGUARD PASGT-1 NIJ Level IIIA Ballistic Safety Helmet ...

The Personal Armour System Ground Troops (PASGT) Safety Helmet has been fully certified to the U.S. National Institute of Justice standards for NIJ Level IIIA through rigorious laboratory ballistic testing as well as physical and environmental performance assesment. This helmet is … Readmore

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PROTECH helmet - in UK military service? Photographs supplied by ADRIAN BLAKE "This helmet is a heavy-shelled MICH-pattern (peak-less) with a 4 point harness and what is fast becoming standard non-pad liner, closely resembling, in design at least, the British Mk6A although materials are different.

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SafeGuard High Impact Level 3a Ballistic Helmets. Below is our full range of Alphacore™ level IIIa ballistic helmets, available in a range of styles and colours. You do not have to be limited to just one type of helmet. We have taken the time to find a variety of helmets that allow you to customise your look, while still keeping your head ...

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3 Top 10 Ballistic Helmets in the world – Tactical Ballistic Helmets ( List ) 4 10: Protection Group Denmark ARCH level IIIA / 3a bulletproof helmet ( Tactical Ballistic Helmets ) 5 9: Atomic Defense MICH 2000 NIJ IIIA / 3A level KEVLAR Bulletproof helmet. 6 8: Shellback Tactical Level 3a / IIIA ballistic PASGT Helmet.

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On Sale. CompassArmor FAST Ballistic Helmet Kevlar Bulletproof NIJ Level IIIA With Cover. $390.00 $269.99. On Sale. Shellback Tactical Level IIIA High-Cut ACH Ballistic Helmet. $650.00 $376.99. On Sale. CompassArmor ACH MICH Tactical Helmet Kevlar Bulletproof NIJ …

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Genuine Army Surplus offer a large selection of clothing, footwear and equipment suited to a wide range of outdoor activities including air soft, bushcraft, camping, hunting, and military events. Our retail store is based on North Road, Darlington however all our online …