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Level II (2) This body armor level offers more protection than IIA and can sustain a 9mm at 1245ft/s and a shot from a .357 magnum. This vest is light and easy to conceal, which makes this level vests and IIIA the most popular soft vests. Level IIIA (3A) This body armor level is the last of the soft vest. It is slightly heavier and bulkier.

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Body Armor is an essential part of personal protective equipment for all law enforcement officers. The Body Armor category from Police1 includes everything you need to know – the latest trends, product reviews and resources for researching body armor. Our body armor coverage includes tactical gear like flak jackets, ballistic shields, ...

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The next level of protection is level 3A body armor. This protects against nearly all handgun rounds, including both .357 Sig. and .44 Magnum, which level 2 armor does not protect against. Level 3 body armor offers a more comprehensive range of protection and defends against nearly all handgun rounds as well as 7.62 rifle rounds.

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Atomic Defense level 3 body armor can stop soft soft-steel and lead rounds. Well before some competition. To recap, level 3 body armor: Is weaker than 4, but stronger than 1, 2A, 2, and 3A. Is rigid (it's made of a hard material and must come pre-folded) Is lighter than 4, but heavier than 3A.


CATI Armor AR500 Level 3: AR500 Armor Plate is a high hardness (HH) steel used for High Impact Ballistic and Abrasion Resistant (AR) applications. Level …


What if the target is wearing level IIIa body armor you ask? The Full Auto Hatsan Blitz .22 Cal (36 FPE) firing H&N Hornet 16.2 grain (armor piercing pellets) is capable of tearing right through the Tactical Scorpion Gear Level 3A body armor.

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Level/Type III Body Armor The Level III conditioned armor is tested against a 7.62mm FMJ (M80 military) weighing 147 grain and a muzzle velocity of 2,780 ft/s. A 7.62mm FMJ is normally fired from an AK-47 style rifle or a sniper rifle. Level III will stop the majority of all 5.56mm and 7.62mm bullets, but will not defeat military-grade armor-piercing ammo. For example, a NATO M855 5.56 x 45mm ...

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With crime and homicides on the rise in many major cities, level IIIA soft body armor has become more relevant than ever. The Spartan Armor Systems®™ Flex Fused Core™ Soft Armor is extremely low profile, flexible, comfortable, and easy to wear. Composed of only the best American-made materials and proudly assembled in our state-of-the-art ...

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This is a Pilot Jacket Body Armor Kevlar Bullet Proof Vest Level 3A. Black in color with orange inside, made in Israel by Mar/Om Dolphin Ltd in Tavor, Israel. The Israeli's are great with personal security and counter measures issues and equipment. This jacket is size XXL. I wear a Size 48 Regular suit coat and it fits me with room to spare.

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Stop 95% of the ammunition used in shooting incidents with an inexpensive, flexible, lightweight armor solution: The Armored Republic's Soft Body Armor promises high capability for low cost and low weight. All variations feature multi-hit capability against most handgun threats as well as a shape and design that's easily slid into a vest, backpack or handbag.

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Level Type II Bulletproof vest, kevlar vest, body armor Safariland XLS-1X+1. This is a used Safariland bullet proof vest body armor. Body Side# SII-5.0, Threat level Type II, Date MFG June 2005, Serial# size XLS-1X+1. Has some staining on it as you can see in …

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Body armor, also known as body armour, personal armor/armour, or a suit/coat of armour, is protective clothing designed to absorb or deflect physical attacks. Historically used to protect military personnel, today it is also used by various types of police (riot police in particular), private security guards or bodyguards, and occasionally ordinary civilians.

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Ballistic Undershirt Body Armor Level 3A (Alternate) SHIconcepts 1 out of 5 stars (1) $ 215.00 FREE shipping Add to Favorites Chain mail stainless steel body armor T shirt shinny stainless steel vest cut shirt sleeves HistoricalArtShop 4.5 out of 5 stars ...

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So, be aware of the threat that you will be exposed to buy IIA body armor, level 3 armor, and so on. Material. The material of the body armor is another essential parameter to consider while buying body armor. Body armors make use of different materials for their manufacture that may vary depending on the type of protection and threat level.

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Level 3 Body Armor Bullet Proof Vest Level 3 Body . Level 3 can withstand impacts from 7.62 full-metal jacketed bullets (M80 under U.S; military designation) with masses of 9.7 g at a maximum velocity of 2,750 feet-per-second; Level 3 body armor also protects against 12-gauge slugs, .30 Carbine FMJ and .223 Remington as well as threats that ...

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Starting 9-16-2021 We will be stocking level 3A body armor from PREMIER BODY ARMOR. Big Shots Guns. September 15 at 10:44 AM. Beautiful browning BL-22 Short, long, and long rifle At our DPC Pawn and Gun Shop in South Boston VA. English (US) · Español · Português (Brasil) · Français (France…

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Atomic Defense. 1,257 likes · 7 talking about this. Contact Atomic Defense - Your Online Store for the best bulletproof vests, body armor, ballistic plates & much more.

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Includes NIJ Level IIIA Premier Body Armor ballistic panels. Removable front and back ID patches. Elastic stretch side closure and adjustable shoulder straps. Adjustable internal cummerbund for flexibility. Rugged 600 Denier Polyester Carrier (Red) Recommended for First Responders & Firearms Instructors. Body armor is legal to own in all 50 ...

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Level 3A soft armor is the highest level of pistol protection, capable of stopping rounds up to .44 magnum. Level IIIA is what most people need, and what most police officers wear as its lightweight, flexible, and easily concealable. Level 3A armor is also what many ballistic helmets are rated for, and what most concealable vest are rated to.

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First Response Multi-Threat Vest Level IIIA. $ 519.00 - $ 619.00. IIIA Soft Armor Panels. $ 370.00 - $ 445.00. Uniform Style Multi-Threat Vest Level IIIA. $ 529.00 - $ 594.00. Tactical Uniform Style Multi-Threat Vest Level IIIA. $ 539.00 - $ 604.00. High-Vis First Response Multi-Threat Vest Level IIIA.

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2 product ratings - Body Armor AR500 Level 3 Set Of Plates Curved 10x12 Swim/Sapi FREE 2DAY SHIPPING $119.95 Trending at $129.94 Trending price is based on prices over last 90 days.

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Sintered Silicon Carbide Bulletproof Tile for Aircraft Armor / Body Armor /Vehicle Armor. Advantages: 1. Light weight 2. High hardness 3. Good c orrosion resistance 4. High bending strength Application: A ideal material for production of body armor, bulletproof armors for vehicles, ships, helicopters,and so on.

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Battle Steel Level 3+ Special Threat Armor Green Tip M855 Protection. Battle Steel. MSRP: Now: $79.95 - $179.98. Was: THIS ULTRA-LOW PROFILE, LIGHTWEIGHT, MIL-SPEC PLATE IS DESIGNED TO DEFEAT MULTIPLE STRIKES AGAINST GREEN TIP (M855/SS109) Specifications: THIS ULTRA-LOW PROFILE, LIGHTWEIGHT, MIL-SPEC PLATE IS...

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Level IIIA Is The Right Protection Level For You.Level IIIA (3A) is the highest level of protection you will find in soft armor. Plus our vest is stab proof as well. Our vest will protect you from everything from a BB gun, to a knife, to a .44 magnum. That is great protection. Don't settle for other vests that offer level IIA or level II.

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Ultra Lightweight Bullet Proof Vest. Delivered in 1-2 working days. Refurbished Armor worth over $470 New. Brand New Covert/Overt Cover worth $100. Weight: Approx. 5.5lbs. Made from Kevlar. Ballistic Level: NIJ Level IIIa. Product Code - COV3A. $360.00.

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Description: Woodland Front opening Level IIIA 3A Body Armor Vest This is NOT military body armor. Vest is definitely used but could provide the needed protection in a pinch and at very affordable price! Condition: Vest and kevlar inserts are in good condition. Size: Medium Armor Level: Level IIIA Manufacturer: Supreme Protector MADE IN THE US ...

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Level IIIA Slim Panel Soft Body Armor. SKU. AR-3A-S. $139.00. Our aramid Slim armor is designed to defeat pistol caliber threats up to .44 magnum and .357 SIG at 1,430 feet per second or lower, as well as lesser pistol calibers. Product Configuration. Armor.

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Level IV armor will stop armor piercing (AP) ammunition! We also stock helmets, level 2 and level 3a soft armor and single plate protection gear for civilians as well as police, security agencies, and private military contractors. Buy body armor today at our online store where we have the best civilian body armor at the lowest rates.

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Soft concealable NIJ IIIA body armor bulletproof vest PE/Aramid material NIJ Level 3A police military ballistic vest,under wear concealed bulletproof vest NIJ Level 3 ballistic plates 12*10 inch,High tech Aluminium+PE material bulletproof plates for army

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Tactical Scorpion Stab Resistant 3A Body Armor PE Hard Multi Curved 10x12 Plate. $76.94. Add to Wish List. Add to Cart. Add to Compare. Rating: . 1 Review. Tactical Scorpion Gear - Level III+ / AR500 Body Armor 11x14 MOLLE Muircat Vest - Coyote Brown.

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THIS is what iNIJ Threat Level 3a is rated to stop. NOTHING is "Bulletproof". This is the commonly used term for the protection provided by body armor products but it is not accurate. Body armor products are tested and rated to specific standards. The NIJ Threat Level 3A standard stops these common ammunition types.

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Level 3A soft armor is the highest level of pistol protection, capable of stopping rounds up to .44 magnum. Level IIIA is what most people need, and what most police officers wear as its lightweight, flexible, and easily concealable. Level 3A armor is also what many ballistic helmets are rated for, and what most concealable vest are rated to.

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Level IIIA Body Armor | Level 3A Body Armor. Level IIIA body armor protects against all previous levels of protection and is designed to stop .357 Sig FMJ FN (Flat Nose) bullets traveling at a velocity of ~1470 ft/s and .44 Magnum SJHP (Semi Jacketed Hollow Point) rounds at a velocity of 1430 ft/s.. When combined with other protective panels, maximum protection is provided.

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Lightweight Breathable Bullet Proof Vest. Delivered in 1-2 working days. Weight: Approx. 5.5lbs. Made from Kevlar. Protects against a range of high powered handguns. Ballistic Level: NIJ Level IIIa. Product Code - CMAX3AWhite. $360.00. *.

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21th Century Extra Large XL Robo Bullet Proof Body Armor Vest NIJ level IIIA 3A. Brand New. 5.0 out of 5 stars. 6 product ratings. - 21th Century Extra Large XL Robo Bullet Proof Body Armor Vest NIJ level IIIA 3A. C $472.86. Top Rated Seller.

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AR500 Level 3 Set of Curved 10x12 Chest Plates Shooter's Cut Protective Vest Trauma Pad Plates Black. 4.4 out of 5 stars. 11. $159.99. $159. . 99. 5% coupon applied at …

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Level IIIA Bulletproof Vest / Stab Proof Vest for ONLY $299! . 5/5. 6 Reviews. For only $299, the BulletSafe Bulletproof Vest is the best value in body armor. Five major upgrades are now included in the vest to make it more concealable, more comfortable, and ready to work. We are convinced, that if you need to buy a bulletproof vest, that the ...

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WTS [Houston] Level III+ 3+ AR550 Hard Armor Plate, Level IIIA 3A Body Armor, 7.62x39 AK,Military Surplus 30-06, and 357 Magnum Soft Point and Cowboy Ammo Thread starter Aluucard Start date Sep 14, 2021