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CoolMAX® WHITE - BALLISTIC LEVEL 2 + STAB LEVEL 1 COVERT VEST. £220.00. Lightweight Bullet & Stab Proof Vest. Delivered in 1-2 working days. Weight: Approx. 2.5kgs. Made from DuPont Kevlar®. Protects against a range of high powered handguns. Ballistic Level: NIJ Level II. …

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Edged and spike proof vests are standardised in the same way as bullet proof vests, with different levels of protection. These levels outline the speed and strength of an attack that a vest can protect against. Just like a bullet proof vest, stab and spike …

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The Stab film series is a fictional series of slasher movies, originally based on the life of Sidney Prescott and her encounters with the various Ghostface killers. So far, seven films have been released under the Stab name. It was mentioned by Jenny Randall that the first three Stab films were based on the true story of Sidney Prescott, but after her life returned to normal and almost suing ...

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Our stab proof vests offer a different type of protection compared to our bullet proof vests. Stab resistant material is used to protect the body's vital organs from injury from bladed attacks- some vests also protect against spike threats. When someone stabs an individual, they tend to stab in the abdominal area of the body.

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Lightweight Bullet / Stab-Proof Vest – Threat Level II Excl. Tax: £375.00 Incl. Tax: £450.00 Add to Cart Options

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Concealed Israeli Bullet Proof Body Armor Vest NIJ level IIIA 3A - ROBO. $350.00. Free shipping. Seller 98.3% positive. level IIIA 3A Bullet Proof Vest Body Armor XL …

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Stab proof vests are typically offered in the covert style. A covert vest is intended to be worn under clothing and thus, concealable. Lightweight and thinner than an overt (worn above clothing) vest, covert body armor is exceptionally comfortable to wear. With this, the wearer is able to have concealable protection which is a necessity ...

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Stab Proof Load Bearing Molle Vest LBV-ST3. Regular price. from $796.00. Sale price. from $796.00. Regular price. Unit price. / per. Sale Sold out.

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When given the responsibility to buy body armor or stab proof vests, the option to choose between concealed or external stab proof vests can turn out to be an extreme importance. By wearing an external armor for the body, you might be perceived as the confrontational type of person, and it …

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Quick View. Condor Body Armor Inserts. Condor Gunner Plate Carrier Bullet Proof Inserts | Stab Resistant Vest. $ 219.99 – $ 379.99. Rated. 0. out of 5. 3rd day later if during the week, if on weekend, then on the next Wednesday Stab Resistant Vest. Select options.

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If you are looking for a thinner stab resistant vest, Point Blank offers the Spike 2 Vest. This tactical armor is designed to protect correction officers against spikes, shanks and other hand-made weapons. This armored vest is only .11" thick, NIJ 0115.00 compliant and has an Areal Density of .44 lbs. per sq. ft. For the unparalleled ...

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Ultra-thin Stab Resistant Panels We have totally re-thought the concept of covert stab-proof vests and designed a panel that is truly covert. CUT RESISTANT GLOVES - UP TO LEVEL 5 We offer a full range of protective gloves, all lined with cut resistant fibre. Featured Protective Clothing.

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Stab proof vests? Close. 9. Posted by 2 years ago. Archived. Stab proof vests? Hi everyone. My sister in law is a Paramedic in Denver and recently mentioned she feels like she needs a stab proof vest. I would like to get her one and ha e seen quite a few online but i dont know what im looking at.

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#shorts Credit to the owner of the video

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from 655.00. Titan NIJ IIIA Community Support Bullet and Stab Resistant Vest. from 680.00. Vector Security Bullet Resistant Vest - NIJ II. from 470.00. Ares Overt Stab, Spike and Needle Resistant Vest. from 595.00. NIJ IIIA Bullet Resistant Soft Armour Panel - 8.2 x 12"/ 10 x 12". from 180.00.

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These vests should not be described as stab proof.' Wearing a black T-shirt emblazoned with the slogan Fight Fire With Fire, he added: 'I just test things and make videos to review all kinds ...

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Latest stab proof vests / stab resistant clothing and slash proof hoodies. Stylish, practical and comfortable sweatshirts, hoodies and windbreakers without the need for a full stab proof vest. The ultimate in passive protection. Shipping worldwide. Sign up to our newsletter for a 15% discount/sale

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GKH2 Anti-Cutting Protective Clothing, Special Fiber Plates Protection for Body, Elastic Tactical T-Shirt, Stab Proof Vest for Men & Women Police,XXL 4.0 out of 5 stars 1 $123.90 $ 123 . 90

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Our vests not only stop bullets but are also strike, slash, stab and special threat resistant. Level iiia+ Protection Safe Life Defense iiia+ armor reliably defends against: Liberty Civil Defense 9mm armor piercing ammunition and FN 5.7×28 40gr as well as common handgun rounds including .357, 9mm, 45acp, up to .44 magnum.

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GKH2 Anti-Cutting Protective Clothing, Special Fiber Plates Protection for Body, Elastic Tactical T-Shirt, Stab Proof Vest for Men & Women Police,XXL 4.0 out of 5 stars 1 $123.90 $ 123 . 90

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Commander ™ 2 Overt NIJ IIIA Bullet Resistant and KR 1 Stab Resistant Vest. from 655.00. Ghost™ Covert NIJ II Bullet Resistant Vest. from 425.00. Commander ™ 2 Overt NIJ II Bullet Resistant Vest. from 470.00. Subscribe. Sign up with your email address to receive special offers, news and updates.

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A stab-proof vest or stab vest is a piece of body armor that can be worn under or over clothing, which is designed to resist knife attacks to the chest, back, and sides. The vest halts knife penetration beyond a few millimeters, thereby preventing serious injury from knife attacks.


Chain mail stab vests that are developed today use layers of metal plates, chain mail, and even wires made of metal to offer maximum protection. A ballistic vest alone will not offer protection from knives, broken bottles, or chisels. The bulletproof armour is designed …

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Bullet and Stab proof vests to the Spanish Air Force, with the following sizes: Sizes Estimated Male Quantities (units) Estimated Quantities (units) XS 54 6 S 135 15 M 472 53 L 473 52 XL 135 15 2XL 54 6 3XL 27 3 TOTAL 1,350 150 GRAND TOTAL 1,500 If a need is identified before production starts, upon NSPA instructions the ...

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SKU: 700130/S-BLK + 600101/S. N/A. Categories: Stab Resistant Body Armour. Description. Specifications. Delivery & Returns. Reviews. Description. Our next generation of stab resistant body armour not only provides protection against knife attacks and stabbings but now affords protection from spikes, improvised weapons and blunt force trauma.

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Hello, this is my first post and I am sorry if this post is in the wrong section, but I belieave it belongs here. I was toying with the idea of a homemade chainmail vest for self defence tool, I am aware that it will not withstand a round from a weapon but will be very effective as a stab proof defence.