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CASS 1 Computer Assisted Search Service, 2 camouflage support system, 3 common ATCCS support software, 4 Consolidated Automated Support System (USN), 5 consolidated automatic support system

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SYSTEM MFR 53119 SYSTEM CONTRACT NO. DAA501-87-D-A063 SYSTEM US/LOT NO. 10/89 And the greatly damaged TM 5-1080-200-13&P that came with it defines it as "Lightweight Camouflage Screen Systems and Support Systems". That seems like "LWCSS" to me (vs "LLWCS", but anyway), and inside in section "2-2 ERECTING SCREENS", pages 2-2 and 2-3, it shows ...

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> Plastic Models > Dioramas > Military: AFVClub Camouflage Net Support System afvag35044. Camouflage Net Support System. This is the 1/35 Scale Camouflage Net Support System From AFV. (1) AFV Club # afvag35044. $18.09. PRE-ORDER. WISH LIST . Retail $22.95 SAVE 21% ! AFV Club Item # afvag35044.

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5. Overall dry weight The maximum weight of the camouflage support system shall be less than 60lbs per Hex+ Diamond ULCANS system and have no individual component exceeding 60lb as the support system scales to address complexed ULCANS systems for larger assets. 6.

Advanced Aerial Fire Support System (AAFSS)

Advanced Aerial Fire Support System (AAFSS) (19-19) From the creation of an Aeronautical Division in the US Army Signal Corps on 01 August 1907, until the air arm's separation from the Army on ...

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support pole for military camouflage net 2m 3 4m, spreader for camouflage net,Camo net support systems fiber glass material $9.00-$39.00 / Set 1.0 Sets (Min. Order)


CAMO NET SUPPORT SYSTEM Our camo net support system consists of one set of (12) 4′ interlocking poles, which can be combined to create various length poles, and 3 "spreaders" which attach to the tops of the poles and unfold to create a 4′ diameter ""petal"" spreader support for camo netting or canvas. Originally used by our troops to support camo netting to hide their tanks ...

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A shape disrupter for a net support system may have a conical body and an elliptical shape in plan view. The shape disrupter may have low thermal signature and low weight. The shape disrupter may be stackable. The shape disrupter may have a protrusion on the shape disrupter for fixing each of the shape disrupters in place during stacking.

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OK. Originally used by our troops to support camo netting to hide their tanks, jeeps, or equipment from the enemy. Features a durable waterproof bag in which system can be stored. Makes a great duck blind! (Camo Netting not included).

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Military Camouflage Camo Support System Antenna Mast Poles Aluminum. C $185.35. C $65.78 shipping. Military Camouflage Net Support System Aluminum Antenna Mast Poles Smooth. C $302.76. C $74.36 shipping. Only 3 left. ANTENNA RADIO TOWER ALUMINUM ORANGE TRIPOD FOR USE WITH MILITARY 48" MAST POLE.


U.S MILITARY SURPLUS DESERT CAMO NET SYSTEM NSN 3-1246. Our US net system consists of one hexagon net 32ft.2in L x 27ft.9in W and one diamond-shaped net 27ft.9in L x 16ft.1in W, with an approx. square foot coverage of 900 ft. Comes with waterproof rubberized wrap.

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The 'support system' I received from 'Amazon' performed to specifications and exceeded any and all expectations because in my area, the temperature can exceed 120 degrees at times and a military camo net with it's UV shield and the shade it provide, reduces the temperature by at least 30 degrees.

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the MGPTS distributes loads more efficiently with lighter support systems than conventional GP tents. It can serve as a billeting, command and control, unit supply, or field service shelter. NSN Description 6-3633. Small Camouflage Green Shade #483

TM 5-1080-250-12&P

CAMOUFLAGE NET SYSTEMS (ULCANS) WOODLAND R/S AN/USQ-150 (NSN 7-2956) (EIC: N/A) ... both the ULCANS screen system and the support system storage/transport containers. Components may increase in weight due to ... implement Army Maintenance Transformation and changes the Maintenance Allocation Chart (MAC) to support Field and ...

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US Military Camouflage: Support System Repair & Errata. Post. by Rommel » Thu Apr 22, 2010 9:26 pm. If you purchase a military support system; one each, for every 1 hex and. 1 diamond, here is what to look for: 12 Poles. 6 Hubs. 18 Batten spreaders (avoid the earlier fiberglass version if possible) 18 Military stakes.

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The Military uses this system primarily for setting up and supporting camouflage netting but it can also be adapted for supporting tarps, awnings, building blinds or antenna mast supports. UPS shipping calculated @ 45 lbs Standard UPS Ground rate for a package size 50"x 10"x 15" .

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5ft x 12ft Ghillie Blind Camouflage Netting. As low as $48.99. View Product. 8ft x 20ft Premium Series Reversible Green & Brown Camo Netting. $59.99. View Product. 10ft x 20ft Premium Series Military Camo Netting w/ Mesh Netting Attached. Rating: 91%.

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Camo netting spreaders. Used to support camo netting, shade tarps, ect. Three arms that twist 360 degrees, by twisting the center you can lock them in place,. They go on the ends of camo poles and are pushed up into the camo netting to support it. OD in color. Good condition. Product Videos. Product Reviews. (3 reviews) Write a Review.


3-0046 A collection of items utilized with and in support of a CAMOUFLAGE SCREENING SYSTEM, including but not limited to poles, support batten spreaders, batten adapters, stakes and carrying case.. Part Alternates: 1863120001, 186312-0001, 3-0046, 01-463-0046, 1080014630046, 014630046 Weapons | Camouflage and Deception Equipment


A kit is defined as the camouflage components installed on a vehicle, rather than components necessary to camouflage that vehicle. Each of the kits include: a screen assembly, case/snag cover, and protective cover. The TEL kit has a self contained support system. The M.A.N. tractor kit includes support systems for itself and the LCC.

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Articles & Tips. "Vet" U.S. Military Surplus Screen Support System. You get: 12 aluminum pole sections. 6 fiberglass canopy spreaders. 24 aluminum stakes. Vinyl carry case. Assembles into six 8' poles with spreader top. Made in the USA.

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BRAND NEW Military Camouflage Camo Support System Antenna Mast Poles COMPLETE. C $95.08. or Best Offer. 203 sold. Military Antenna Element, AT-1096, New. C $22.81. Military Camouflage Net Support System Aluminum Antenna Mast Poles Smooth. C $310.60. C $74.38 shipping. Only 3 left.

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In order to support the next generation of sensor defeat camouflage netting, Rolatube has developed the rollable composite based Camouflage Net Support System. When compared to traditional sectional aluminium pole systems, the Rolatube system dramatically reduces both the bulk and weight that needs to be carried into the field and deployment times.

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Originally used by our troops to support camo netting to hide their tanks, jeeps, or equipment from the enemy. Features a durable waterproof bag in which system can be stored. Makes a great duck blind! (Camo Netting not included). Good condition. Weight 65 lbs. Aluminum system …

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Camouflage Screen Support System, Woodland/Desert, Type 1, NSN 8-1173 $401.35 Shape Disrupter (Spreader), NSN 1-0152, OD Green, for Woodland and Desert ULCANS $15.00 Ultralight Camouflage Net System, NSN 7-2956 $2,728.34

Types: Type I: Army, Marine Corps Classes

camouflage net systems, standard U.S. Army Large Capacity Field Heater (LCFH) environmental control ducts, and standard tent stakes and tent pins. 3.2.2 Interface to External Components. A listing of the external components LME shall interface with is presented in Table 3.0-2. Item 1. Ultra-Lightweight Camouflage Net System (ULCANS ...

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How is Ultra-Light Camouflage Support System abbreviated? ULCASS stands for Ultra-Light Camouflage Support System. ULCASS is defined as Ultra-Light Camouflage Support System …

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ULTRALIGHTWEIGHT CAMOUFLAGE NET DESERT R/S AN/USQ-159. NSN: 5-0696 or 5-1592. Modular Camouflage Screen System: 1 Hexagon Screen; 1 Rhombic Screen; 1 Screen Carrying Case; US Military: Carrying System / Support System. NSN # 3-0046. Support System: **Pole kit is surplus. 1 Carrying Case; 1 Stake Bag; 24 Anchor Stakes

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Rare Find, Made 1987, New and unused.Authentic US Military System NSN 6-1827 Camouflage Screening System Woodland Radar Scattering Type IV, Including Repair kit, ropes Manual Etc.Complete, New Unused, Opened for photos onlyDiamond Net, Hexagon net, Almost 900 square feet coverageUse for camouflage, Hunting, Duck blinds, Deer blinds, Turkey Blinds, ground concealment, …

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US military camouflage screening support system woodland/desert. Rubber storage/carry bag (used - excellent condition). All following contents are NOS (new old stock): 12 fibreglass half poles (4 ft); 6x3 spreader battens assembly (support camo net); 18 aluminum stakes/pegs. $50.00 Phone 780-476-5882 (no text land line).

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Military Camo Net Support System Includes. 12 Support poles (4′ long) 18 Batten spreaders. 6 Spreader holders. 18 Stakes (12″ long) 1 Carrying bag in rubberized nylon. NSN: 9-6025. Note: Tie-down ropes, camo net, or tarp not included.


military camouflage support system, (26) poles, (1) circular base support (10) adapter battens. comes in 2 rubberized bags. labeled 8-1173 camouflage screening support system, woodland desert 97403/mfr 15814 daako1-86-c246 u.s. set is incomplete. bags approximate length: 52"


LIGHTWEIGHT CAMOUFLAGE SCREEN SYSTEMS AND SUPPORT SYSTEMS DISTRIBUTION STATEMENT A: Approved for public release; distribution is unlimited TM 5–1080–200–13&P, 200–13&P, 29 January 1987, is changed as follows: 1. Remove and insert pages as indicated below. New or changed text material is indicated by a vertical bar in the margin.

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A new, upgraded version of the Ultra Lightweight Camouflage Net System (ULCANS) is replacing the legacy system. ULCANS Increment I is a state-of-the-art camouflage system. It's a major upgrade to the currently-fielded legacy ULCANS developed in the late 1990s. Among its benefits, ULCANS Increment I greatly improves concealment from enemy ...

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Camo Support Pole. Size: 48" long with a 3.25" overlapping section 1.75" outside diameter Wall thickness of .090"