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Cody Travers is a playable character in the Final Fight game series. He was born on April 18, 1967 in USA. In Final Fight, Cody is depicted as being a combative, reckless but ultimately positive and good-natured man, having a powerful sense of justice and …

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The final showdown is climactic, but there isn't really a 'final fight' between Cody and the villain (it's him versus some henchmen instead). The final scene ends with a sequel hook (which is the first of many, of course). Final thoughts, this really gets straight to the point with nudity (within the first couple of scenes).

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The protagonist is Rick Norton, a 26-year-old police officer who bears an incredible semblance to Final Fight 's Cody, except with slightly darker hair and a bomber jacket. His sister, Maria (Heather in Rival Turf! ), has been kidnapped by the anonymous evil organization, and while it's personal, Norton still asks for help.

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Final Fight Revenge, an American-developed 3D fighting game based on Final Fight also released in 1998, features Cody from within his depiction in the original Final Fight. In his character's ending, he gets arrested by police officer Edi E. after being framed by the surviving members of Mad Gear and he is shown in Poison 's ending wearing the ...

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Final Fight Revenge . Some time after Haggar helps Maki defeat the Mad Gear. They return yet again and even stage another act of violence against those who had defeated. Haggar defeats Poison and Rolento. But as Cody fights a fake Belger, Haggar manages to rescue Jessica and sent her to Europe to study abroad. Final Fight 3


Of course, the Street Fighter connection is very strong in Final Fight - Guy and Cody both later became playable characters in Capcom's famous fightin' franchise, as well as a couple of other characters we'll be seeing later, and the game was famously touted as "Street Fighter '89" before the Final Fight name was chosen.

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Cody takes on many of Mad Gear's worst thugs, including Damnd, the first Mad Gear Gang member to kidnap Jessica, and Edi E., a corrupt police officer that uses a gun and police baton against Cody, making the fight very difficult to win. His penchant for fighting often leaves the others free to pursue the other bosses of Metro City.

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Cody (Final Fight): | | | Cody | | | | ||Final Fight|| ... World Heritage Encyclopedia, the aggregation of the largest online encyclopedias available, and the most ...

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Final Fight Revenge (1999-2000) Final Fight: Streetwise (2006) Super Street Fighter IV (2010-2011) Ultra Street Fighter IV (2014) Appearance [] Cody is a street fighter who, before being taken to prison, wore a white shirt and blue jeans, with white sneakers. After prison, he now wears a variation of the prison uniform, which has dark blue ...

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The Street Fighter universe isn't limited to games with the name Street Fighter in the title. In 1989, Capcom debuted the Final Fight series, which was originally developed as a sequel to the original Street Fighter before becoming a series of its own. During the Street Fighter Alpha series, Capcom began introducing Final Fight characters, such as the original game's lead Cody, and …

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Edi. E is the third boss from Final Fight. He is a corrupted police officer who is a member of the Mad Gear Gang. Edi. E used to be a honest police officer, until the Mad Gear came to him and proposed a large amount of money in exchange for him working for them, which he reluctantly accepted due to his small salary and the fact he had to sustain his three children. Edi. E became key in ...

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Mighty Final Fight influenced the youth of Metro City and Cody Travers. Final Fight may have a lot of versions, but at least some of them are doing some good for the community. FGC #570 Final Fight. System: The Super Nintendo version is most ingrained in my mind, but it is also the worst. Go play the Sega CD edition! Or the arcade!

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Final Fight Final Fight 2 Final Fight 3 Final Fight Guy Fire Striker Firepower 2000 First Samurai Flashback Flintstones Flintstones: Treasure of Sierra Madrock Football Fury Foreman for Real Boxing Frank Thomas' Big Hurt Baseball Frantic Flea Frogger Full Throttle Racing Fun 'n' Games F-Zero Gemfire Genghis Khan 2 George Foreman KO Boxing Ghoul ...

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See, α-Guy and α-Cody are basically the future versions of themselves, and the characters have changed since the events of FF. Cody in particular is a much different place by SFA3; he's literally in prison. So as the story goes, after defeating the Mad Gear Gang and rescuing Jessica in Final Fight, Cody just keeps on fighting.

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Cody Travers will be available on June 26, along with his various costumes. They include his default, Mike Haggar cosplay, a white tuxedo, his prison uniform, and …

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Final Fight. Edi. E is a corrupt police officer and was a top lieutenant in Belger 's Mad Gear Gang, in charge of the city's West Side. When Mike Haggar 's daughter Jessica was kidnapped by the gang, Cody encountered Edi. E outside a bar; depressed to see that Metro City was so corrupt that even police officers worked for the Mad Gears, Cody ...

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Final Fight: Streetwise, the final game in the series (and the only game not to be released in Japan), has Kyle Travers, the younger brother of Final Fight veteran Cody Travers.

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The visual language, heroes and villains in western-style costumes in both Final Fight and Street Fighter were based on the '80s manga Hokuto No Ken / Fist of the North Star (HNK) series. The post-apocalyptic setting featured in the HNK stories by Buronson and Tetsuo Hara colored a lot of the work coming out of Capcom in the '80s and '90s.

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SNK has Yamazaki using knives, Capcom has Cody Travers. Although Yama was the first to actually use knives in a fighting game, Cody is the first in videogames to actually fight with a knife. Cody's Bio. Nationality: American. Date of Birth: April 18, 1967 (40 years old) Height: 5'11". Weight: 187 pounds.

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Next up in my line of historic bio's and new art showcases is the infamous Cody Travers. Returning in April 14,15's Final Fight: Double Impact, we see Cody again in his classic non-jailbird getup.This piece was created by Udon artist, Long Vo, …

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It is based on Cody from Final Fight. His third alternate costume has a black shirt with white pants, white hair and pale skin. It is based on Chris's Safari Costume from Resident Evil 5. Chris's downloadable costume is his S.T.A.R.S. uniform from Resident Evil. It is included in the "Costume Pack 01".

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Blanka still makes people cry Sodom still ain't got game. Sakura grew up to be Tracer Sagat will play completely different Cody is Geese That guy from Bloody Roar that was one of them too ugly to appear in the sequels is in.

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Final Fight Revenge, an American-developed 3D fighting game based on Final Fight also released in 1998, features Cody from within his depiction in the original Final Fight. In his character's ending, he gets arrested by police officer Edi E. after being framed by the surviving members of Mad Gear and he is shown in Poison 's ending wearing the ...

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Final Fight is a series of beat 'em up video games by Capcom, which began with the arcade release of Final Fight in 1989. Set in the fictional Metro City, the games focus on a group of heroic vigilantes who fights against the control and various threats of criminal gangs, primarily the Mad Gear Gang.

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Cody Travers (コーディー・トラバース, Kōdī Torabāsu) is a fictional character who debuted as the lead character of Capcom's 1989 beat-em-up Final Fight.He would appear as a playable character in several Street Fighter titles beginning with Street …

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Final Fight (ファイナルファイト, Fainaru Faito?) est un jeu vidéo de type Beat them up développé et édité par Capcom sur système d'arcade CP System en 1989.Considéré comme une référence du genre, le jeu a rencontré un important succès populaire et a été porté sur divers plates-formes [1], [2].. Ce jeu est le premier volet de la série Final Fight

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Final Fight. Guy is one of three playable characters, along with Cody and Haggar, in the original arcade version of Final Fight, released for the arcades by Capcom in 1989. Due to space constraints, Guy was initially omitted from the Super NES port of Final Fight, with Cody and Haggar being the only playable characters in that version.

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Final Fight, a classic arcade game [Play Flash version online for free] Your name is Cody, and you have no past, only a backstory. Some street gang kidnapped your girlfriend Jessica, you are told, and you need to punch them all out in order to rescue her. Details are not important–just start punching! The clock is ticking, literally.

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Cody Travers is a born street fighter who became known as the "Hero of Metro City" after rescuing his childhood sweetheart Jessica from the Mad Gear gang in Final Fight with his friend Guy and Jessica's father Mike Haggar.

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Cody was thrown in jail because he got into too many fights. Policemen. do NOT like vigilantes. Cody was addicted to fighting. According to Cody, he participated in Final Fight One not for justice, but just so he could. get lots of fights. You can see this in Final Fight One for the Gameboy.

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