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I took my Golite Poncho Tarp along with my newly acquired Equinox bivy sack to use to block the sprays and splatters from using the poncho tarp in a half pyramid style. I got so much condensation, that it soaked through my WM summerlite in the footbed area and completely soaked the hood. One night, it was clear skies, and yet, I still had a lot ...

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Using a poncho tarp for a primary shelter can be done, but you're going to get wet in some (many) situations. The Golite p/t is a reasonable size and can be pitched with decent coverage if you're not too tall.

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Features of GoLite Poncho Tarp: Roomy, ultra-light poncho with additional coverage in the back for protecting a backpack. Snaps allow folding up excess fabric when not in use as a shelter. Converts to an ultra-light shelter using nylon tie-down loops in corners and middle of …

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$75 GoLite Cave Sylnylon tarp. (1 lb 1 1/2 oz w/stuff sack) This has been a great tarp on Sierra trips. Still in great condition. I'm not sure how these are measured. The ground area as pitched in the photo is about 7'x9', not including the beaks on either end.

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GoLite poncho tarp pitched as a lean-to and a-frame

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I have a Golite poncho tarp. It's well made and works well in both configurations. A poncho tarp is very tempting for new ultralight hikers -- one 11 ounce piece of silnylon takes the place of your tent, rain gear, and pack cover. You can save 6 or 8 pounds in one shot.

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What is your best tarp size for one? 6x9,9x9, 8x10. I'm just wondering if there is an common size that works best for solo hiking. I have a golite poncho tarp, but it seems too small for any serious weather. What say you?

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GoLite Poncho Tarp Brand: GoLite. 4.0 out of 5 stars 2 ratings. Currently unavailable. We don't know when or if this item will be back in stock. ... The ultimate in lightweight utility - a poncho that is a tarp and a tarp that is a poncho. The most versatile shelter you can use. Sets up in an endless array of configurations using your trekking ...

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GoLite Poncho Tarp Retail: $120 Price: $59.95 direct from GoLite My Rating: 4 out of 5 Stars For years my solution to rain in the backcountry was simply a rain jacket. That usually meant hiding under a tree or pitching a tent when it became more than a few drops, otherwise my backpack...

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Poncho Tarps Ponchos are less favoured these days. While I wouldn't recommend the uninitiated leaping with both feet into poncho tarp camping, there are several manufacturers still catering to those with a hankering for some multi-use rain gear. Check out MLD's range, Six Moon Designs Gatewood Cape. or the GoLite Poncho Tarp.

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A favorite of ultralight hikers, the GoLite Poncho Tarp can be set up in many configurations as a lightweight and super strong shelter with it's built-in tie down loops. Use your trekking poles or suspend from a tree. So light and small it can be taken anywhere.

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Golite Poncho Tarp Review. Not only but also, the Golite Poncho Tarp is primarily a light weight tarp shelter made from SiLite fabric that doubles up as a poncho, though is more of a Tarp Poncho than the other way around. Tarp – The main problem with tarps is working out how to pitch them. The second problem, once you know how, is deciding on ...

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Experiences with the GoLite Tarp/Poncho. Close. 14. Posted by 6 years ago. Archived. Experiences with the GoLite Tarp/Poncho. Hi guys, I'm hiking the PCT this year and looking at keeping shelter weight down to a minimum. The way I understand things at least SoCal is supposed to be fairly dry and cowboy camping can be the norm.

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GoLite Ultra-Lite Poncho/Tarp GoLite is no longer in business, and the Ultra-Lite Poncho/Tarp has been discontinued. If you're looking for something new, check out the best tarps and shelters for 2021. Specs. Price MSRP: $60.00 Historic Range: $27.50-$60.00 Reviewers Paid: …

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GoLite Shangri La 5 and Shangri La 3: 10 months ago: FS: Women's Golite Pinnacle backpack: 1 year ago: FS: GoLite Adrenaline 0 Degree Sleeping Bag, Reg; REI Magma Trail Quilt 30, Long: 1 year ago: Golite Shangri-La 3 tent and floor: 1 year ago: Golite Gust: 1 year ago: FS: hot tent, GoLite Shangri La 5/Titanium Goat stove: 1 year ago: FS ...

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[WTS]HMG 8.5' Square Tarp, Wilderness Logics LiteOwl Hammock, Montbell UL Breezetec Bivy/Bag Cover, GoLite Poncho Tarp: 3 years ago [WTS]HMG 8.5' Square Tarp, Wilderness Logics LiteOwl Hammock, Montbell UL Breezetec Bivy/Bag Cover, GoLite Poncho Tarp: 3 years ago: FS:Wilderness Logics POLYBLEND TAD POLE TARP: 3 years ago

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Okay, but what about protection from precipitation? Going to need a bigger tarp. My go-to set up for summer to early fall is a smaller tarp (Golite poncho/tarp), so the bivy is good for rain spray along with the other benefits of the bivy. So I decided on a 6×9 tarp, which is bigger than my 8 ft 8 in x 4 ft 10 in poncho/tarp.

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The Ultra-Lite Poncho/Tarp by GoLite features built-in, tie down loops. So small you can take it anywhere, it is ideal for emergency kits and for ultra-lite backpackers dedicated to shaving every last ounce from their packs. A favorite of Team Go fast-packers Andy Skurka and Demetri Coupounas, the Poncho/Tarp utilizes Sil fabric for ultra-lite ...

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For poncho tarping, I started using GoLite's poncho tarp and switched to the MLD Pro because I heard good things about it on BPL. The hood slit roll up is fantastic. My regular weighs right at 8 1/2 oz. I like the curved ridgeline and side. It's easy to …

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The golite poncho-tarp seems like a good entry step, which I can re-sell or trade up on the gear swap if i need. I'll be spending 90% of my time on the norcal coast (redwood areas, big sur, marin, point reyes etc. Mt. Diablo, Sunol etc, and then hopefully some …

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Messages. 306. Take a look at a 5x8 silnylon tarp it is small and light and will work for a temp shelter and with practice you can use it for general camping solo shelter. If you want a solo shelter I would and am using a 8x10 tarp. Take a look at a Golite poncho tarp. It may be what you are looking for they were onsale for less than 60 dollars.

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Sea To Summit Ultra-Sil Tarp-Poncho My wife bought me the GoLite Poncho Tarp for Christmas this year. Looks pretty similar less a couple ounces. Haven't tried it out yet but I'm really looking forward to leaving my rain coat behind for it. Thanks for the review.

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Yeh i use a golite poncho tarp picked up on sale for $40 bucks combined with a tyvek sheet i got from Tasadam and the light klymit inertia pad, its advantage is - obviously that its very light.

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The best thing I have found for this is a Golite Poncho tarp. It is 8 ft 8 inches by 4 ft 10 inches and weighs 10 oz. The price is only about $35. Wise Old Owl. 05-30-2009, 17:58. Good suggestions . . . keep 'em coming. So far the Campmor Kelty Noah 9x9 at about 1 lb and $59 is looking like where I want to go. I don't want a $100+ solution.

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GoLite + Camp & Hike GoLite Camp & Hike GoLite Poncho Tarp GoLite Poncho Tarp Q&A GoLite + Camp & Hike GoLite Camp & Hike + Tents & Shelters GoLite Tents & Shelters

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The GoLite poncho tarp is lighter than the competition because it uses 15D nylon rather than the more typical 30D. Sea to Summit has also switched over to the lighter fabric in their poncho tarp. Most of the lightweight ponchos ( Mountain Laurel Design, Campmor/Equinox, Moonbow Gear etc) are going to be made of 30D nylon.

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I'm looking at a GoLite poncho tarp and wondering if any of you have experience with it as a shelter. I'm planning on staying out a few nights on a trip this fall to avoid miles of hiking every morning and evening. If the weather is just terrible I won't be staying out so …

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A poncho that could be kept in my bag and used as rain gear, a ground sheet, and if needed a backup shelter. Everyone recommends the USGI poncho, but where do you find one? Maybe I'm missing something? I was personally looking at the GoLite Poncho Tarp when funds became available since it seemed well designed.

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GoLite Poncho as Hammock Tarp? By FishBone in forum Weather Protection Replies: 10 Last Post: 04-06-2009, 08:46. Anyone use a poncho for hammock tarp? By Downhill Trucker in forum General Hammock Talk Replies: 12 Last Post: 01-15-2009, 10:29. Tags for this Thread. poncho tarp ...

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USGI ponchos can be had a little cheaper on ebay if you hunt around. For a bit more money, the GoLite poncho tarp or one of the other UL ponchos (e.g. Equinox makes one) out there can be at least as dual purpose as a USGI, but a heck of a lot lighter. The USGI poncho I have weighs 21.3oz, the GoLite is 7oz, and it's actually larger.

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And we wished for better ventilation in humid conditions, when condensation collected. $300; 2 lbs. 7 oz.; The ultimate in lightweight versatility. A shelter, waterproof-breathable rain top & bottom, and pack cover combined. -Roomy, ultra-light poncho with additional coverage in the back for protecting a backpack.

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That's not a bad size for a tarp. I would call it generous. I frequently use my GoLite Poncho Tarp with my hammocks, and that is small for some: 4.8 x 8.6 ft with about a 10 ft ridge line. Asym tarps take some skill to use, yet they are the standard style used on Hennessy Hammocks and with good reason: they work.

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These are three of my favorite ways to set up a tarp. The tarp weighs 7oz. and measures 8 ft 8 in x 4 ft 10 in. I am using GLine for guy lines. It weighs 0.4...

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I have been playing with the GoLite Poncho Tarp a little bit lately. I think it is a pretty decent product. It would be serviceable shelter with an ultralight bivy, and good rain protection in a sudden storm. I wouldn't want to do any extended hiking in it though. Jun 10, 2012 #9 Rizzy Senior Member. Joined Apr 27, 2012 Messages

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New for 2005, the GoLite Poncho/Tarp weighs 11 ounces. It's made of GoLite SilLite fabric which, is 1.76 oz/yd 2 compared to ordinary silnylon at 1.3 oz/yd 2, and claimed to be ultra-tough and ultra-waterproof. A Premium or Unlimited Membership is required to view the rest of this article.