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The Bulletsafe K-9 Dog Bulletproof Vest is a level IIIA (3A) vest that will stop rounds from up to a .44 magnum. The vest also features S-1 level stab-proof protection on the chest area, providing additional safety for your canine. At a price of $499, you are getting an amazing K-9 ballistic vest at a great price.

Making bulletproof vests for police dogs

Armor Express, based in Central Lake, Mich., has produced 2,000 vests for dogs and donated 50 of them to local K-9 units. Its biggest customer for the doggie vests …

K9 Storm Inc.

Patented Custom-Fit Vests for Working Dogs Police, Military, and SAR Dogs are your lifeline, your friend, and your family. Protect them with equipment that will help both you and your dog do your job and come home safely with a patented K9 Storm custom-fit vest.

K9 Loki - Lakewood CO Police Department ⋆ Hero K9

A ballistic vest protects against standard-issue caliber rounds for common guns. The vest is inserted into a carrier made of a rip-stop material that helps to deflect punctures as well. This vest provides the same level of protection that the human counterparts of these K9s are required to wear for their job.

Voyagers K9 Apparel | Breed-Specific Custom-Sized Dog Coats

Voyagers K9 Advantage has raised the bar by creating breed-specific dog coats for more than 20 of the most popular short-haired dog breeds, ensuring that their products fit your dog perfectly. Topdogtips.com. ★★★★★. With their breed-specific options they obviously understand dog anatomy, high quality care for dogs, and dog owners ...

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Click Images to Large View Gwinnett Police Unveil Newly Donated K9 Bulletproof Vests. Police K9 In Rome Receives Vest News Uticaod Utica Ny. Click Images to Large View Police K9 In Rome Receives Vest News Uticaod Utica Ny. Detroit Police K9 Unit Gets Donation Of Five New Bullet.

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Dog Protective Gear. K9 safety and protection is critical to Police K9, Military Working Dogs and K9 Search & Rescue Professionals. Ray Allen prepares you and your dog for the most difficult conditions with the most complete selection of K9 protective gear on the market today. Sand and sun can be extremely harmful to your dog's eyes.

How Bulletproof Vests Can Protect ... - Tactical K9 Solutions

This is our budget vest of choice, all Tactical K9 Solutions personal protection dogs wear a Bulletproof-it K9 vest when on duty. Armor Express TEX10. This vest is an alternative option and similar like the bulletproof-it vest, for owners looking for an extremely lightweight vest …

Ballistic Vest-Elite K-9 - Police K9 Equipment

K9 Vests (Bullet/Stab) - Project Paws Alive

Police and Military K9 - Ray Allen Manufacturing: Tactical ...

Buy tactical police K9 gear, military dog gear and K9 trainer supplies including bite suits, collars, harnesses, leashes and kennels. Mil-Spec K9 equipment since 1948.

K9 Ballistics® | Indestructible, Chew Proof & Large Dog …

K9 Ballistics armored frames were built for ultimate toughness,designed to keep chewers from accessing the edges of the fabric on their bedding. Since the conception of the original chew proof style dog cot, we've built a whole series around our strongest …

K9 Vests (Bullet/Stab) - Project Paws Alive

K9 ballistic (protective) vests provided by Project Paws Alive are both bullet and stab-resistant. These vests are cut from the same Kevlar® bulletproof cloth as their human partners, covering all the vital organs. Each body armor vest donated by Project Paws Alive is custom manufactured to fit the specific body shape of each individual K9.

Paladin - Survival Armor

Paladin. Top-of-the-Line ballistic armor package. Extremely light weight, wearable, along with exceptional ballistic performance, makes the Paladin the top choice for comfort and ballistic performance. NIJ 0101.06 Certified. Available in both Male and Structured Packages. Made of Aramid and Polyethylene materials.

Tactical Armoured K9 Vest - Lightweight and Mobile

PRotecting k-9's in LE & MILITARY. The LOF K9 StreetFighter Vest is a soft body armour protective vest for your K9 companion. This protective vest is specially designed to be lightweight and mobile while also protecting the K9's vital organs without them becoming exhausted from excessive heat and weight.

K-9 Ballistic Vest | bullet1

BULLETPROOF IT, LLC NIJ Level IIIA Ballistic K-9 Vest.Developed specifically for Military and Law Enforcement K-9 handlers, is designed to protect the vital organs of your canine from any danger. Built-in D-ring hookups on the top and the rear of the vest give you the control you need when used with snap leashes. K9 picture is of a 65 lbs Belgian Malinois, wearing a L/XL Vest in Tan.

Affordable NIJ IIIA Bullet Resistant Vest

Affordable NIJ IIIA Bullet Resistant Vest. 395.00. This vest is one of the most affordable vests we have ever offered especially given it contains two NIJ IIIA soft armour panels that weigh less than a pound each. This very unique internally or externally worn carrier is made with polyester making it …

Elsmere Police Receive K9 Ballistic Vest Donation from ...

K9 Onyx - a 4-year-old, 74-pound German Shepherd/Belgian Malinois mix – has been outfitted with ballistic vest through a donation from The Haverkamp Foundation, which has purchased 81 K9 vests for police departments with nearly $770,000 the foundation has raised since 2005.

K9 Bullet Proof Vests: Prioritizing the Safety of Our ...

Wearing a bulletproof vest can protect the K9s from gunshots, explosives, stab wounds, and blunt force trauma such as being kicked or beaten with a heavy object. In the year 2020, 22 K9 officers lost their lives in the line of duty in the United States. The access to a vest can potentially make a difference in saving the life of a police k9.

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About K9s United — K9s United

K9s United is committed to supporting and honoring K9 law enforcement officers who detect, protect and serve our communities by giving them the best equipment, amenities, and quality of life during and after their service, and memorializing those who give the ultimate sace. Due to budgetary constraints, many law enforcement agencies don't ...

K9 Krijger Ballistic Vest Campaign - Spike's K9 Fund

K9 Krijger Ballistic Vest Campaign. $ 5.00. Help Honor the life of a fallen K9 and donate to the K9 Krijger Ballistic Vest Campaign. This fund will help equip our working dogs with a Ballistic Vest, one that would have saved K9 Krijger's life. K9 Krijger gave his all to keep us safe, without hesitation.

Working & Police Dog Ballistic Vests | Recon K9

Our ballistic K9 carrier does away with the large, oversized, heavy "blanket" idea that most handlers associate with K9 ballistics. We've designed a sleek, ergonomically contoured carrier that allows a working dog to focus on the task at hand vs. getting worn out from the weight & heat of other vests.

CaliberDog Ballistic Level III-A Kevlar Working Dog Vest ...

The CaliberDog K9 Tactical Ballistic Vest is a Level III-A vest for the protection of the dog's vital organs from gunfire. This vest is made from a ballistic basket weave fabric on the outside and backed with nylon. The insert can be removed from the vest so the vest can be worn as a regular identification non-life threatening vest.

K9 Vests (Ballistic and Stab) — International Armor

K9 Vests (Ballistic and Stab) Our K-9 One™ Vest is the #1 selling K-9 Vest in the United States and is the official vest of the original Vest-a-Dog™ program. International Armor is the original designer of the K-9 Vest. In the early 1990s, we worked closely with K-9 handlers to perfect a design that provided maximum protection and ...

K9 Ballistic vest – CTU Security

K9 Ballistic vest We've got your K-9 partner covered with our custom sized K-9 armor. With improved comfort, mobility and reduced weight, the K-9 armor with outstanding functionality.

Bark-9™ High Speed Canine Armor | Safariland

Bark-9™ High Speed Canine Armor. The K-9 tactical vest designed for the modern K-9 officer and handler – the redesigned Bark-9™ In the tradition of Safariland® tactical carriers, equipment and accessories, the Bark-9™ was designed with the same passion …

Vonwolf K9 Vest Harness - vonwolfshop.co.uk

Vonwolf K9 Vest Harness is available in various levels of protection including Ballistic Stab & Spike, NIJ Level 2 Ballistic, Kevlar or Cut Tex. Our vest is designed to allow the dog their natural abilities of being fast and agile for maximum effect, designed around our standard vest …

BulletBlocker | Bulletproof K9 Standard Body Armor Vest

Our K-9 Shadow Vest keeps man's best friend safe from harm while in the line of duty. Utilizing the latest DuPont™ Kevlar® technologies, the NIJ IIIA ballistic panels in this vest are lightweight, durable, and provide the highest level of bulletproof protection available in soft body armor.

Fundraiser by Judy Braham : K-9 Ballistic Vests

K-9 Ballistic Vests. Judy Braham is organizing this fundraiser. The Sarasota County Sheriff's Office K-9 Unit is comprised of six teams. Four of the K-9 teams are dual purpose where the dogs conduct narcotics and man work searches, and two K-9 teams are dual purpose conducting explosives and …

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Canine K-9 Body Armour. Page 1 of 1. Sort by: Name Sort by: Price Asc Sort by: Price Desc. Canine K-9 Body Armour Vest From: £230.00. Sort by: …

Northern Kentucky K-9 officer Onyx gets bulletproof vest

A K-9 officer with the Elsmere Police Department will now be much safer after being given a bulletproof vest, donated by a nonprofit foundation.K-9 Onyx was outfitted with a ballistic vest …

K9 Charities - Bulletproof Vest, Protective Safety Clothing

At Bullet Blocker we believe that every working dog should have a ballistic vest, in order to stay safe while in the line of duty. We work directly with some of the world's most respected Canine Charities and Organizations with the dream that every Canine will one day be fitted with a ballistic vest. * Click Here * To visit the K9 Shadow Vest ...