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The Vism Ballistic Helmet Level IIIA is made of full ballistic shell constructed of Kevlar. Rated at Level IIIA. Capable of stopping 9mm and .44 Magnum rounds up to 1,400 FPS. Includes four-point retention system and suspension system for added comfort and stability. Fully adjustable for the perfect fit.

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Pad Sizing The second step to a good fit is to choose the right pad size. Each helmet comes with a set of seven 3/4-in thick suspension pads. The 3/4-in pads are also known as size 6. One-inch thick pads (also known as size 8) are available through requisition …

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This helmet is the real deal but it's being sold strictly as an awesome collectible or a prop to be used in a play, a military tribute, or as part of a costume. The Advanced Combat Helmet (ACH) is based on the MICH (Modular Integrated Communications Helmet) design and provides an improved helmet to soldiers, replacing the older PASGT.

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The High Cut Ballistic helmet is a light weight version of the ACH and MICH helmets with high cut above the ear area of the skull. It is the preferred helmet by Special Forces because of its light weight and affords less impingement from the helmet shell on to headsets. Standard Lead time is 2-4 weeks ARO. Material : Kevlar.

Advanced Combat Helmet (ACH) MSA TC 2000 Series

The MSA Advanced Combat Helmet (ACH) TC 2000 Series delivers advanced ballistic, fragmentation,and impact head protection, with unsurpassed comfort for long-term use. The helmet's low-profile design reduces the risk of interference in target acquisitionand ensures compatibility with NVGs (night-vision goggles), MSA's CBRN (Chemical ...

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A: This MICH/ACH ballistic helmet offers IIIA+ (aka 3A+) protection. This means that it rises to, then goes above and beyond in performance compared to most other helmets on the market. Our helmets are capable of taking multiple strikes, stabbings, shrapnel, etc.

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Olive US helmet " MICH 2002", with rails and padding, is for sale now at Military 1st, a tactical online store. For a complete range of tactical headwear and accessories visit …

MICH Helmet - Level IIIA Ballistic Defense | Atomic Defense

A: This MICH/ACH ballistic helmet offers IIIA+ (aka 3A+) protection. This means that it rises to, then goes above and beyond in performance compared to most other helmets on the market. Our helmets are capable of taking multiple strikes, stabbings, …

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7. Description. Full size replica NCAA football helmet. NCAA College football helmets perfect item for autographs and collectors. High-gloss appearance complete with official NCAA team decals. Replica football helmets of what the athletes wear on the field. This NCAA football helmets is not for competitive play.


FAST BALLISTIC HELMET LEVEL IIIA. * Tested to NIJ-0101.06 IIIA standard*. Designed to defend against fragments, ballistic, and blunt force trauma. The ergonomic design of the internal harness and padding ensures comfort and adjustability. Improved four-point retention system adds stability.


ACH - TC 2000 - MICH Series Sizing Shell Size Pad Size Head Size (U.S.) ... 162040A Retrofit Kit, one-hole, PSGT/MICH Helmet 300021A Chinstrap Assembly, 4-point, TC-2000 300171A Chinstrap Assembly, 3-point, PSGT Helmet 10054157 Chinstrap, 4-point, XL …

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MICH (III-A) Bulletproof Helmet. $ 349.95. Trustpilot Custom Widget. See our 17 reviews on. Trustpilot. A popular helmet for American veterans, this strong bulletproof helmet will protect you from threats inside or outside your home, as well as on the go, or even …

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PGD MICH Ballistic Helmet, NIJ IIIA. Price 366.99 - 419.99 USD 419.99 USD excluding sales tax. Shipping starting at 9.99 USD Free 100 day returns Free shipping for orders over 200 USD. The MICH by PGD is a standard MICH style shell with Ops-Core style accessory mounts and a Team Wendy Cam Fit style liner and suspension.

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This Voodoo Tactical® MICH Ballistic Helmet is a commercial-manufactured version of the legendary U.S. Military MICH (Modular Integrated Communications Helmet). Retains the original's advanced level of comfort, mobility and modular customizability. Includes an external rail pre-mounted for adding typical helmet accessories.

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Please expect 4-6 weeks for delivery. A MICH 2000 bulletproof helmet complies with the protection standard NIJ 0106.01, which stops shots up to. Also, the helmet is V50 against fragments up to 680 M / S according to Stanag 2920, so it stops shrapnel and fragments. This bulletproof helmet is made of Kevlar aramid from Dupont.

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THE ACH/MICH is available in two options; 1. ACH/MICH – MIL – This helmet uses the 4d 7-pad system to enhance comfort and stability. Spec Sheet: ACH MICH Mil. 2. ACH/MICH – LE – This helmet uses the traditional mesh 4-point harness to enhance size adjustability, air flow and heat management. Spec Sheet: ACH Mich LE.

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The Avon Protection Combat Full Cut MICH Ballistic Helmet is composed of thermoplastic aramid and glass fabric that makes them lightweight while still providing ample ballistic protection for use in the field. These Helmets crafted by Avon Protection feature an adjustable MCIP-7 pad system containing seven ergonomically-designed, shock-absorbing polymer foam pads that provide premium ...

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The Comfort Fit System is a comfortable, four point, fully adjustable sizing system accommodates XS−XL, fit pad is made of a a soft polypropylene outer material to facilitate wicking and is combined with a maximum perspiration absorbing liner. Standards Helmet shell meets or exceed Level IIIA National Institute of Justice 0106.01. Specifications

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MICH helmets aren't rifle rated either, and "3A" on helmets is just advertising. There is no NIJ ballistic helmet standards (at least that I can find), though most helmets are rated for pistol rounds (just like II or IIIA body armor is). Per MSA's website, their MICH is rated for: Ballistic Resistance 9mm, 124 grain, FMJ @ 1450 fps,

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Ops-Core/Gentex TBH-IIIA Mission Configurable Helmet with Occ-Dial Liner (R) Regular price: $926.10 Sale! $774.99: Team Wendy EPIC AIR Combat Helmet Liner System $102.26: Tactical Tailor MICH/ACH Cover, Multicam Regular price: $45.00 Sale! $41.40: First Spear MICH/ACH Helmet Cover - Hybrid Regular price: $97.38 Sale! $92.52 Click for lowest price

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MICH Ballistic Helmet – Multicam. Reduced trauma protection thanks to Aramid Construction. Rated NIJ IIIA to stop handgun threats up to .44 magnum. Comfortable and adjustable padding system. 4 sizes available: Size S – 2.85 lbs (head 20 – 21.6″) Size M – 2.90 lbs (head 21.7 – 22.4″) Size L – 3.10 lbs (head 22.5 – 23.4″)

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MICH Helmet Mount. $299.99. Add to Cart. Wish List Compare. Custom Helmet (1-2 month wait) $100.00. Add to Cart. Wish List Compare. PVS-14 Gen 3+ …

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Integrated Head Protection System (IHPS) is the Army's newest helmet designed to replace the ECH and ACH used by close-combat units for the last two decades with with "100 percent greater blunt impact protection," Lt. Col. Ginger Whitehead told Comfort apparently was left out of the equation again as troops report that the same pads are issued with the new helmet.

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The Official United States Military Issue Kevlar Advanced Combat Helmet - A.C.H. - provides improved ballistic and impact protection. Advanced Combat Helmet is based on the MICH (Modular Integrated Communications Helmet ) design and provides an improved helmet to Soldiers, replacing the older PASGT (Personal Armor System for Ground Troops).

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MICH: MICH helmets weigh from 3 pounds or 1.36kg to a little more than 3.6 pounds or 1.63kg depending on the size that ranges from medium to extra large. How much does a ECH combat helmet weigh? ECH: ECH helmets weight between 3.25 pounds 1,474 grams to up to 3.61 pounds or 1,637 grams depending on size.

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The MICH was originally part of a series of combat helmets designed for the U.S. Army Special Operations Command as a replacement for the PASGT helmet solely within those units. However, the U.S. Army later determined that the improvements presented by the high cut and brim-less MICH over the PASGT helmet warranted organization-wide distribution. Body Armor - Helmet Sizing

Helmet fit is fine-tuned by adjustment of the blunt trauma pads inside the helmet (attached with Velcro). You can also adjust the fit up or down a size by using thinner (0.5") or thicker (1.0") blunt trauma pads instead of the standard 0.75" thick pads.

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The MICH ranges in weight from about 3 lb (1.36 kg) (size medium) to just over 3.6 lb (1.63 kg) (extra large). It uses a new, more advanced type of Kevlar and provides increased protection against handgun rounds.. A pad system and four-point retention system, similar to the cushions and straps found on the aforementioned skate, bicycle, and water helmets, replaces the nylon cord suspension ...

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We size each one of these 3 different helmet shells up and down by thinning and thickening the sizing liners which are color coded according to size. Our sizing liners are compatible with all 3 helmet shells. Measure your head ... If it measures 18" - 20.25" get an S1 Mini Lifer Helmet. If it measures 20.5"- 23.25" get an S1 Lifer Helmet

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MICH Helmets Level IIIA NIJ 10106 MICH/ACH Advanced Combat Ballistic Helmets Mich (Modular Integrated Communications Helmet) are an Advanced kevlar Helmet with NIJ Level IIIA Protection. Offers easy mounting option for gas masks, night vision devices, and communications equipment, The SecPro MICH Ach Helmet (ACH) Advanced is an NIJ 06' certified Level IIIA kevlar helmet.


PARACLETE helmets are constructed of high performance and lightweight fibers in a composite matrix and provide solid protections against handgun bullets and fragments.

Advanced Combat Helmet ( ACH )

The correct size of the ACH might not be the same size as a previously issued PASGT Helmet. Design features result in the front rim of the ACH resting about ½ inch higher than the PASGT. The ACH ...

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Size Large Includes the Following 1 x Large DH-132B Ballistic Helmet CVC Shell 1 x New MICH "H" Harness, Chin Strap, Foliage Green with new hardware 1 x New NVG PVS7 Mount (painted to match helmet) 1 x New Rhino Arm 11 x 3/4" Aero Helmet Pads Over 20 Velcro Helmet Pad Attachments 5 x Velcro Loop pads for patch placement

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Similar in design to the standard army ach, MICH helmets were originally used by US special operations forces to help accommodate helmet headsets and to replace the aging PASGT type helmets. Sometimes referred to as a mich 2001 or another number, the abbreviation stands for Modular Integrated Communications Helmet.