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The cotton flannel patches are finished on both sides for maximum absorbency. Pro Shot cleaning patches are designed to carry foreign material and fouling through the bore with the least amount of abrasive contact to the rifling of the barrel. Includes: 1-1/8" Cleaning Patch Package of 1100; 1-3/4" Cleaning Patch Package of 1000

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You need to run a clean patch through the bore with every pass of the cleaning rod. Re-using a dirty one will just swirl the fouling around. Cotton patches like these are inexpensive and available in bulk just about everywhere. I even use them to wipe down other parts of the gun like the action and frame.

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Unless I use Iosso bore paste or Shimichrome or some kind of "non abrasive" bore paste. After 10 passes with that on a tight fitting patch, usually the next clean patch will come out RELATIVELY clean even after brushing again with Kroil. If it doesn't, the next Iosso 10 pass does the trick.

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Cleaning Patches. Our time-tested cleaning patches accurately apply and spread our cleaners, degreasers, lubricants and protectants, helping these chemicals more effectively do their jobs. And after that work is done, they wipe away leftover solvent, oil, debris or other moisture to protect the bore of your favorite shotgun, rifle or handgun.

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When done shooting put a drop of special air gun oil on the felt. Shoot out the barrel. Cleaned. A 22 LR is a different story. When done for the season, soak bore with #9 over a period of a month or so. Wet the bore about every 3 or 4 day with a cotton patch. FREE using cotton under wear. Works for center fire also.

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X-Count™ Patches come in a variety of square and round sizes to allow a proper fit depending on cleaning styles and preferences. All patches are sized to correctly fit the recommended calibers and are able to be used with a variety of jag types.

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Our patches carry the fouling through the BORE with the LEAST amount of abrasive contact to the barrel's rifling. Regular cleaning helps to reduce metal fouling which is something that builds upon itself over a period of time. This will cause subtle deterioration of group size and "FLYERS". American Cotton Flannel- Finished Both Sides for ...

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You don't have to spend a lot of money or cut up your favorite t-shirt to get quality gun cleaning patches.

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This allows for a looser patch in the bore which removes gross powder fouling and leaves more cleaning solution behind to start working on the remaining fouling. When a tighter patch is needed, simply move your spike closer toward the center of the patch. The closer to the center of the patch you get, the tighter the patch will become in the bore.

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Gun cleaning patches are fairly simple to use, but they are essential to cleaning. If you're deep cleaning and using a cleaning rod or cable, you typically start with solvent on a patch going through the bore. You can use either a 3-in-1 product like a CLP or a dedicated bore solvent.

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• When using Pro-Shot 1-Step Gun Cleaner & Lubricant, let the solvent set for 15 minutes so the penetrating agents and additives can break down and lift up fouling. • The jag is the most superior way to remove fouling from the bore because it gives the patch constant pressure against the bore when cleaning versus dragging a patch through ...

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Reinstall jag back on the cleaning rod and run another solvent-soaked patch down the bore. Repeat several times until the patches start coming out clean. Run several dry patches down the bore to remove any excess solvent. Lubricate a patch with gun oil and run this down the barrel, which will leave a light coating of oil on the bore.

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a cleaning rod, patch holder and patches, and a cleaning cloth. Additionally, gun picks, swabs and specially treated cloths and patches make Working in a well-ventilated area, attach a bore brush to the the job even simpler and quicker. IMPORTANT: Unload your gun and remove the magazine if it has one. Always check to make sure your gun is

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I use .38 .357 .45 (2 1/2" square) Southern Bloomer Patches to clean my 9mms. A good brass jag and they fit nice and tight against the bore and clean very well. Southern Bloomer Patches don't leave any threads behind and they are much more absorbent and tight in the bore than the non woven artificial fabric patches.

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We know, we know. Our cleaning patches look a little different. Here's why and how to use them. The Otis 2 inch patch is specially crafted to ensure a 360 cl...

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Features. cotton 3" patches are designed to clean .243 cal through 12/10ga firearms by its proprietary patch method. Each patch can be used up to 6 times, offering 6 new cleaning surfaces. When attached to the slotted tip, they form a perfectly circular cleaning swab to allow for 360 degree coverage. Description. Current Stock: Width: 3.00.

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Also clean the inside of the magazine well and dry off with a cloth. Avoid getting cleaner on the grips. Wipe down all parts with a clean, dry cloth. Lubricate all mechanisms and metal surfaces with a Hoppe's lubricant or grease. Consult firearm manufacturer's guidelines before use of cleaning solutions before use on certain finishes.

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Thread the brush to the cleaning rod and wet the bore brush with solvent. Once again, push the rod through in one smooth stroke and remove the brush after it exits the bore. Ten passes with the brush should be enough. Run three more wet patches through the bore to pick up the fouling loosened by the bore brush.

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Remove the bore brush and replace with a slotted tip. Tie a clean, dry patch and pull through from breech to muzzle. Repeat steps 1-3 as necessary until your firearm is clean. Pro tip: You can get multiple uses out of your patches! Just rotate which slot you use and flip the patch to get a clean …

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Soak a patch in Copper Killer 50 B.M.G. and run through the bore one time. Apply a liberal amount of Montana X-Treme Bore Polish and Cleaning Compound to a tight fitting patch. Work this through the bore five or six times. Wet a patch with Copper Killer 50 …

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Hoppe's™ makes cleaning your gun barrel easy with Treated Gun Cleaning Patches. Take them out, attach them to a cleaning rod, and they're ready to go.Please ...

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Hoppe's Cleaning Patches .38-.45 Caliber .410-20 Gauge Square 500 Pack 1204S Hoppe's Cleaning Patches .38-.45 Caliber .410-20 G...

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Gun cleaning patches have to be lint free…well they don't have to be but I hate lint left in the bore and chamber, so I won't use a patch that leaves lint everywhere. A good gun cleaning patch has to be strong so it doesn't fall apart when you push it down the bore.

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Clean out the barrel with cleaning rod and patches. Soak the bore, or inside of the barrel, using a cleaning rod, patch holder and the right size cotton patches for your gun. Work from the back of the bore if you can. If not, use …

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Then using a few dollars worth of toxic chemicals to clean a few dollars worth of bore mops seems like a waste. Seems like you would be better off just tossing them, or repurposing them for cleaning something other than a bore that you didn't want to scratch hell out of.