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Safes not intended for expensive content are usually cheaply made. Safes meant to hold tens of thousands of dollars are usually, if you chose wisely, well made. Typical Locations for Safe Make, Model, and Serial Number You will need to find the brand, model and serial number of the safe so we can research it. The brand is usually the easiest to ...

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Your safe's serial number can be found at the front of the safe near one of the four corners. ... Typically, these safes have a combination with three numbers (N1-N2-N3): Turn the dial to the LEFT, passing N1 three times, stopping on N1 the fourth time. ... Search for a product by name or part number...

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How to Open a Stack-On Safe Without Key. If you've forgotten the combo and lost the key to your stack-on safe, first check to see if you have a backup key. Unlike most combination lock safes, all stack-on electronic safes will come with a backup key that allows you to open the safe via a slot beneath the electronic keypad.

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Liberty Safe Serial Number Lookup; Free Serial Number; Do not remove the serial number tag from the safe. * Store emergency override keys away from safe, NEVER INSIDE. * Record all safe identification numbers on. FREE Ship to Store. The gun safe features a durable powder coated black finish, with a single lever handle, and a durable welted ...

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Warranty Registration. Before you begin using your product, make sure you register it with the manufacturer so they have your serial number on file and you can activate your warranty. Information on how to do this should be included with the product manual that …

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Gun Safe Styles and Sizes. If you only have a couple pistols to store, a small gun safe is all you need. These are easy to conceal, fitting on shelves, inside drawers or under beds, and can be moved wherever you need them with little effort. For owners with rifles or shotguns, a large gun safe that holds long guns is your best option.

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It didn't work as expected because you were overwriting the CanContinue value by the second line of code which led to work only for the second serial number.. You should store the returned value of the GetSerialNumber function to some local variable to avoid multiple function calls and use the or operator in the statement. Something like this (I've also removed the extra CanContinue variable ...

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I have a stack-on gun safe and i dont remember the combination. its one that you have to turn 3 times to the right 2 times left 1 time to the right. Is there any way that i can reset the combination without messing up my safe ? ... The possible serial number on the unit shows a sticker with the number 016342 ...

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Find Your Model/Serial Number. SentrySafe is committed to providing you the support you need. To find your model or serial number, identify your safe type from the options below.

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Click to see full answer. Accordingly, where are stack on safes built? Stack-On Product Company was founded in 1972 by John Lynn and is headquartered in Chicago, Illinois with its own manufacturing and fulfillment facilities in several different locations.Stack-On manufactures gun safes/cabinets, garage storage, tool boxes, and organizers.. Also, can you change the combination …

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The first step to take is to contact the company. You may find that by providing your model number and serial number that they may be able to provide you with a duplicate key to replace the one that is lost. You may have to spend a little bit of money and have to wait a week or two, but if you have the time and money it's your place to begin.

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Table of Contents [ hide] What You Need. Existing combination. Guide on How to Open a Stack on Gun Safe Combination Lock. Step 1: Look for the indicator mark for opening the safe. Step 2: Dial the first number clockwise. Step 3: Dial the second number counterclockwise. Step 4: Dial the third number clockwise and open the door. Conclusion.


All electronic-lock safes come with a backup key. Combination-lock safes do not come with a backup key. Make sure to record your combination-lock safe's serial number. If you lose your combination, you will need the serial number to submit your combination request form.

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Service Repair Status Repair Status Enter the serial number of your firearm (no spaces) and click "Search" to check the status of your firearms repair. Search ... Shipments & Returns... name, address and telephone number, serial number, caliber and barrel length of your firearm. Also state nature of trouble experienced or work required.

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Reset digital combination Stack-On Gun Safe – This shows how to reset the digital combination for the keypad for a Stack-On gun safe. From the tag on the inside of the lock cover plate on the front of. Record the serial number from the tag on the back of the safe or. Anyone know how to change electronic lock code on Stack-On Total.

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Available in 11.375 in. W x 10.125 in. D x 6.625 in. H to 39 in. V-line Top Drawer Gun Safes Winchester. That's why editors get submissions in safe-deposit … easy to stack on a desk, and a nice neat manuscript both ways if such should be the writer's fate. Another possibility is to use those corrugated cardboard manuscript boxes.

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Secure Storage. Solutions for Home, Outdoors & On the. Go. Find the right safe for you!

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Using a drill will mean permanent damage to your Stack-on gun safe but it's highly likely that it will open. You need to drill through the lock body in order to open the Stack-on gun safe. Before you drill through the lock body, you need to drill through the gun safe's outside steel. Usually, it's thin with at least 1 ¾ inch of thickness.

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Stack-On Gun Safes. Keep your firearms and other valuables secure with a Stack-On® gun safe from DICK'S Sporting Goods. In this selection of Stack-On products you'll find gun safes and gun cabinets that can hold well over 40 firearms, plus a great selection of smaller Stack-On personal safes perfect for securing a handgun, precious valuables and important documents.

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Stack-On 14-Gun Safe Electronic Lock in Matte Black. Model# FS18-14--E (660) $ 523 41. Limit 5 per order. Stack-On Siege 72-Gun Fireproof with Electronic Lock Gun Safe, Black. Model# HDS5540-30-H1E-21 (4) $ 989 00. Stack-On Siege 12-Gun Fireproof with Electronic Lock Gun Safe, Black.

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This video shows how to replace all the electronics on the Stack On Elite 24 Gun Safe. I couldn't find anything so decided to make a short video as it's pret...

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The numbers on the combination must be entered in the order that they appear. If a number is skipped, you have to restart the process. Steel-Security-16-Gun-Safe-Biometric-Lock. This is among the advanced Stack-On safes. It uses biometric data to unlock.

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The first thing that they might ask for is your safes serial number. This would be handy to have before you call. You can usually find a safes serial number on the outside back of the safe, towards the bottom. If you can't locate this number, Rhino Metals can help you out at 800-701-9128.

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I purchased an Armory Safe Co gun safe in 2001. The digital keypad does not beep when I press the number 1. This is part of my combination to get open the safe. I dont have a S/N as I have moved many times since my purchase. I cant find a number for Armory Safe Co or know who may have actually made it for them.

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Gun safes, Burglary and Fire and High Security units feature a heat activated seal that expands and seals the door when exposed to extreme heat. In the event of a fire the heat activated seal will protect against fire hoses and sprinklers however; this will not provide water protection in the event of a floor or if the water level reaches the ...

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PRODUCT MANUALS. Find the Owner's Manual for your Stack-On product below. Be sure to REGISTER your safe to activate your Warranty and to expedite any customer service needs you may have.. View the Stack-On Warranty Page.Your product's warranty is also in your Owner's Manual.