Besides greatcoat m/36 the soldier is also wearing field cap m/36, leather belt m/30 with Finnish-made rubberized canvas ammunition pouch and short boots m/34. The two shoulder straps belong to bread bag and gas mask …

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Covid ei juuri hidasta lentorahtia, tarkasta paikallinen tilanteesi ennen tilaamista. Covid seems to have no effect on international deliveries, please check you local authorities about flights before invoice.

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Keep Your Finnish Gas Masks. Nov 9, 2002 | by Yaffa Ganz. Dear Finnish Foreign Minister, It's a difficult situation and I am dreadfully sorry you are so upset with the Jewish people. We are, after all, only trying to stay alive.

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AFV RESI for tanks and armoured fighting viechles . 35.00. Website by Leigh Neale. Powered by Squarespace.Squarespace.

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GENUINE SURPLUS Finnish Gas Mask. Click & Order. C$ 65.00 GENUINE SURPLUS Italian Submariner Wool Blanket, Blue. Click & Order. C$ 85.00 ... C$ 30.00 GENUINE SURPLUS Czechoslovakian, Shoulder Bags, Gas Mask, 1940's to 1950's era. Click & Order. C$ 28.00 ...

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Id. Finnish equipment. Discussions on the Winter War and Continuation War, the wars between Finland and the USSR. ... Can somebody identify the model of these gas masks ? Image from SA-Kuva archive (153966) ... Gas mask m/30 with m/30 …

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Finnish army cap badge, metal. Finnish army, regular cap badge, conscript model, metal. Finnish army model round cap badge for conscripts. The same model has been in use since 1918, very good for re …

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The Finnish M/61 was manufactured by Nokia from the 60's up to 1971. The M/61 was a standard issue gas mask for the Finnish armed forces. The filter on this mask is attached to the side on a 60mm thread. The M/61 saw little action by the Finnish army. But there is a footage of models being used in the 'NO-TAV' protest in Italy. (2015)


identify the masking procedures of the M-40 Field Protective Mask, within 80% accuracy, per Unit Maintenance Manual for Chemical-Biological Mask M-40. (FMST-FP-1222a) Without the aid of references, given an M-40 field protective mask and exposure to irritant gas in a chamber or simulated combat environment, don and clear the mask

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The Scott M 95 mask is comfortable to wear, even over long periods, thanks to its extremely low breathing resistance. - Light in weight: the mask weighs only 460 g – or 720 g with the filter. - The special small-size silicone inner mask reduces the CO2- content to a …

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The M/30 was the first Finnish made gas mask and it was intended for military use. The Estonian E-III is its close copy. ww2 finnish military gas mask. What inventions led up to the gas mask? the invention that led up to the gas mask was a cloth in front of your face. Mr fizz gas mask?

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Two brothers from Los Angeles who entered the U.S. Capitol together on Jan. 6th pleaded guilty to misdemeanor charges of storming the U.S. Capitol on Friday morning, some six …

River of Guns searches hundreds of forums so you can find the best deals on guns and gear. It's the number one place to go if you're looking to buy firearms and shooting related equipment. FS/FT Finnish …

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M/61. The Finnish Kaasunaamari M/61 was a licensed copy of the U.S. Army M9/M9A1 Field Protective Gas Mask. There were three slightly different variants produced. This example is the 3rd model, and was made by Nokia in 1964. Kaasunaamari = "Gas Mask". Similar masks in my collection: U.S. Army M9, U.S. Army M9A1, Swedish Skyddsmask 51, Swedish ...

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$ 30.00. Add to Favorites ... Original Finnish army military gas mask gas fumes protection surplus mask respirator with bag filter emergency NEW MilitarSurplusStore 5 out of 5 stars (2,060) $ 43.73 FREE shipping Add to Favorites Finnish Army Bag, M61 Gas Mask …

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The M-40 Full Facepiece has been used for years by U.S. Armed Forces all around the world. This facepiece has been NIOSH-approved with the 3M™ Cartridge FR-C2A1 or 3M™ Cartridge FR-64 for acid gases (including chlorine), CN, CS, and P100 particulate filter. The FR-C2A1 cartridge meets military specifications MIL-C-51560 and EA-C-1704.

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The bag measures approximately 12 inches by 11 inches and offers a wealth of storage space that can be used to accommodate the Finnish gas mask model M61 or other similarly-sized surplus and current gas masks. The bag is secured via an oversized closure flap with socket snap fasteners. Additionally, the interior is lined with three pockets that ...

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The M/39 is a Finnish gas mask, distributed during the Second World War. Its production started in the year 1939. It was issued to Finnish civilians. The facepiece is a full-face rubber mask with two circular eyepieces attached with metal laps. The valve housing is made of black bakelite. It was stored in paper boxes with mask, filter and canvas bag. Instructions on how to use the gas mask can ...

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Details. This Finnish military issue M61 full-face rubber gas mask features adjustable elastic head straps for a secure fit. Comes with one filter canister. New Condition. Offered as a collectible only.

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The gas mask is a device used in situations where airborne pollutants and toxic gases are suspended in free air. The gas mask's purpose is to prevent the user from inhaling said pollutants. This wiki is a collection of volunteers with the intent of creating the largest database of Gas Masks and Respirators on the internet, so that it may be ...


Notice sling swivel added to side of the rifle by Finnish military. This photograph taken by unknown photographer was taken in Loimola just before or during Winter War. The soldier in the photo is wearing unusual snow camo suit with helmet cover or hood and has Finnish-manufactured gas mask m/30. ( archive, photo number 2365).

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Finnish gas mask filter. New and unissued. When you want later, western production masks with clean, human friendly filters, the 60mm Finnish is tough to beat. These are new old stock in unissued condition. Sealed in plastic for long term storage.

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Use code MASK-FILTER to get 10% off any filter with purchase of a mask. The M40 gas mask was designed as a direct follow up to the M17 that had been in service for nearly 30 years. The M17s were uncomfortable, cumbersome, and didn't have the greatest seal design. It was time for a replacement.In 1984, the U.S. army beg

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The mask came in a round steel canister called Gasmaskenbüchse (gas mask canister). On the inside of the lid, there is a separated section for the anti-fog inserts. The GM38 was issued with the fourth, tall, type canister. The other canisters remained in service at the same time with GM30 masks, getting gradually replaced with newer canister ...

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Finnish civilian gas mask from 1939. Advertisement (via Wikimedia Commons) Gas Protection, 1941. Advertisement. Three air raid wardens wearing a new type of gas mask, designed for the elderly and ...

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FINNISH M61 GAS MASK BAG Our Price: $14.99 . M17/M17A1 Drinking Tube Our Price: $14.99 . NEW M6 FIELD PROTECTIVE GAS MASK HOOD Our Price: $14.99 . Israeli P3 Gas Mask Filter Our Price: $19.99 . New Italian 40mm Gas Mask Filter - 3 Pack Our Price: $29.99 . EAST GERMAN/CZECH M10M GAS MASK

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The Scott M 95 mask is comfortable to wear, even over long periods, thanks to its extremely low breathing resistance. - Light in weight: the mask weighs only 460 g – or 720 g with the filter. - The special small-size silicone inner mask …

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Finnish Kaasunaamari M/30. The Finnish Kaasunaamari M/30 was made of orange rubber coated with gray stockinette, with an exhale valve below the chin. This example was made by Tammer Tehtaat Oy around 1930. Kaasunaamari = "Gas Mask". Tammer Tehtaat Oy = "Tammer Works Ltd". Similar masks in my collection: N/A.

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I decided to redo my review, because the other one didn't explain very much.

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Hundreds of gas masks and respirators from around the world, all in one convenient location. This amazing collection spans from WWI through the new millennium!

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The Estonian E-III (E.III is also right but sometimes it is wrongly called ARS-40) was the close copy of the Finnish M/30. The facepiece itself is made of molded orange rubber which is covered by drab coloured stockinet material. The glasses are in metal assemblies. The 42mm thread is on the chin fixed to the mask with rubber cement and wire. The Tissot-tubes which can be seen in the M/30 were ...

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I have a Polish bread bag and Finnish gas mask bag. If I were to choose only one, I'd take the Finn bag every time. It just seems so much higher in quality and is still pretty darn cheap. The "tan" ( olive ) ones are thicker than the green ones. 5col has the Finn bags too. Well worth it IMO.

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The Finnish M/38 was the successor for the M/30 in the military and have many resemblance to the older mask. Its civilian variant is the Vss. 1-12-1. The facepiece itself is made of moulded orange rubber which is covered by drab colored stockinet material. The glasses are in metal assemblies. The valve house is the one major update compared to the M/30 as it is similar to the one on GM30. It ...

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Soviet Russian Military Gas Mask GP-5 NBC NVA w/ 40mm Filter Surplus and Bag. $ 37.99. Notify me when this product is available: Notify me when this product is available: This listing is for ONE (1) Russian Gas Mask with filter and bagThis mask takes the 40mm filters.

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I just got my Finnish M-61 surplus gas mask. It rocks. It came with a canvas bag which can be used with other stuff too. Good mask, solid construction. Good seeing out of it too. After s&h, it came. out to 20 bucks. Also came with cleaning stuff. Anyway, this was a welcome addition to my BOB, and the seller is great.

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This article is about the Nowegian respirator. For the Finnish respirator, see M/30 (Finland). The M-30 was the first Norwegian gas mask. The facepiece is made of rubberized fabric with two eyepieces. It used a small metallic filter with 40mm thread. The Norwegian army bought and tested several masks from Germany and USA. In 1929 the military decided to buy a license and machines for the Auer ...

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Finnish Army steel helmet WW2 model M40-55 (german ) Used and heavy, one of the most unwieldy hats i have ever used. The leathers inside are what they are. Some may have stamps, DRP ( deutches rechs patent ), SA, others. Even after 60 years of use these are in usable condition, and essential part of the Finnish uniform of the 1940´s.

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The gas mask shown in photo is Finnish m/30 with filter m/34. According this page the substance inside it would be "cleaning substance", but I am not sure about that. I do not have this particular gas mask setup, but I do have full Finnish gas mask m/38 set, which contains small container of "glass grease".

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German GM 30. The German Gasmaske 30 was made of rubberized canvas with round celluloid eyepieces and metal hardware. The civilian version was known as the S-Maske, but was indistinguishable from the military version except for the filter. These examples were made by Auer in 1937. Gasmaske = "Gas Mask".

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Finnish gas mask bag, surplus. Price 15.99 USD excluding sales tax. Shipping starting at 9.99 USD Free 100 day returns Free shipping for orders over 200 USD. Our local classic, the Finnish gas mask bag. A roomy bag made of thick cotton material.